Sunday, 4 March 2018

My Earring Odyssey! ❤️

Fashion is like eating, you shouldn't always stick with the same menu. And, when talking about fashion, earrings is one thing that defines both the mood and style of the one one wearing them so sticking to the same age-old (gold earrings/tops) or that single earrring that you wear everyday is something you need to quit right now. Now means now!

I was more of a tom-boy in my early years and the obsession that I now have for earrings and fashion is something that I have got from my sister. Every story has a beginning and my quest for collecting earrings has brought me here.

The lanes of Janpath, corridoors of CP, Delhi Haats, Turab Nagar and online shopping portals have been my favourite shopping destinations for this iconic accessory. Known for adding the much needed ethnic to a touch of class, you can mix and match these well and be all set to rock the world.
Ready to dive into my collection?

1. Too much Tassle:
Tassle is the new love for people like me who have this habit of checking out earring shops every now and then to find something out of the box or trendy. Available in a variety of patterns and colors, these could be teamed well with both ethnic qnd western wear to add a sparkle of fusion. Those attracted to Boho/Bohemian styling can wear these as their fashion statement.

2. OMG Oxidised:
Are you one of those who loves wearing solids and find your look a bit plain? C'mon, these oxidised earrings are the need of the hour. And, why just solids, mix and match these with prints ranging from blocks to kamalkari to what not and let your world wonder the secret behind your new look. Inspired from tribal patterns and street style, you can easily find these at every earring shop.

3. Jhumka जवानी :
Are you more inclined towards ethnic wear, short kurtas, scarves, stoles and dupatta around your neck and think that this look defines you? It must be your way, gorgeous! Inspired by authentic artwork and age old crafting style, you can choose your options from the thousands available there for you. (And you know what, you can always create magic by adding a black bindi when trying this Eccentrically-Ethnic-Avataar!) ❤️

4. Funky Flora:
I am one fan of floral prints and have a wide collection of floral printed dresses, kurta and tops. If you are someone like me, you must not miss having this kind in your jewellery box. All these flower-pattern earrings could be teamed up with printed dresees, sober tops, heavy kurtas (Trust me, you wouldn't want to keep it all heavy. A peice of advise: Wear light earrings with a heavy ethnic dress to balance your look). ❤️ 

Got a better way to style this variety, do share in the comment section below. (Winks)

5. Bhai Bhai buttons:

Okay! I agree! Not every day is same and we really don't have time to mix and match all these heavy jewellery pieces everyday. So? What could be done? 

It's simple silly! Wear a simple button-type earring matching with your dress or to add a l'il creativity contrast it up with the color of your dress, your footwear and you are all set to rock.

6. Quirky Quest:
All ready to be a part of your college's fest but still wondering what kind of earring to wear? This is for you beautiful. I might lack variety in this range but if you are someone who loves quirky items more than the statement traditional and ethinic jhumkas, nothing should stop you from adding these to your look.

From being the essestial styling items to dedicated shopping hours, their importance has drastically changed in my life.

My favourite pieces:

Are you also in love with earrings? 

What's your earring story?

Do share all of it in the comment section below.

Till then shine bright in your favourite pair and don't forget to smile. ❤️

Good News: None of the earrings cost me more than 200 bucks. So, you can relax and buy as many as you can! Happy Shopping!


  1. There you go girl. Again a very good piece of writing for earring lovers and I must appreciate your lovely collection. Also, all the pictures are beautiful.

    PS: Because you have always counted me your girl friends! 😂😂

  2. Hayyee ye jhumka jawaniii!! 😍😍😍
    You have a lovely collection babe.. and of course, great piece of write-up!

    1. And, as mentioned, I like giving Mani-ka-Tqdka to my write-ups. That jhumka jawani was my favourite too. Hugsss. ❤️

      Thank you, keep writing. :-)