Sunday, 25 February 2018

Wood Baked Love - Haristo Cafe & Pizzeria!

They say true love is hard to find but what if you are in love with food? Love for food could be found at every nook and corner of every city.

Hello there,

I am a foodie I could say but it is not justified with my selective eating habits which is why I claim myself as a Veg-Junk-Foodie. Love for food has taken me to places and it was my 3rd visit to Haristo. Wondering why I haven't posted a review before after my 1st or 2nd visit there? 

Good things take time and so does tasting of multiple dishes at a place specially when your pocket allows 1-2 items per visit. (No, I am not gareeb! Okay, kind of! Sponsor me instead of the pity face you are making right now.)

So, Haristo it is!

It is a newly opened Pizzeria in Ghaziabad, RDC which is also having its branches at Noida and Indirapuram. Known for its wood-fired pizzas, it is probably the first in the city to serve authentic wood-baked pizzas. My three visits to this place have already created an aura of love that I have in my heart for its food but the other interesting part of this cafe is its interior and ambiance. If you have a soft corner for quirky interiors, flowers, classy bird cages, umbrella ceiling, fluorescent hued windows and frames, a visit from your end is a must for the sake of it.

Food I ordered:

Because I've been there thrice, I am adding all the things I tried on all the 3 visits.
Oreo Love
Blueberry Pie Shake
Death by Brownie
Classic Kitkat
Cola Fusion Mojito
Watermelon Cooler
Alfredo Penne Pasta
Makhni Pasta
Italian Gourmet Pizza

While all the other things that I ordered were safe choices, Blueberry pie Shake, Makhni Pasta and Italian Gourmet Pizza were the 3 different things that I tried here. Talking about individual items:

Oreo Love was love.

Blueberry Pie Shake was too much blueberry (which was good) but a l'il extra sweet (which not everybody likes).

Death by Brownie will kill all the demons of your mind till the time your mouth is full of this lovely shake.

Classic KitKat tasted like Kitkat in milk. (Okay, it was fine!)

Cola Fusion Moojito was just Lemon and Mint in Coca Cola (I expected a l'il more fizz in it)

Watermelon Cooler was as rejuvinating as having a fresh watermelon on a sunny summer afternoon.

Alfredo Penne Pasta was quite nice but those who like their Pasta to have a l'il extra gravy might miss that in it.

Italian Gourmet was a well baked, crispy, thin crust pizza with a perfect amount of Jalepeno, olives, pineapple and sweet corn and cheese ofcorse (I know, who eats pineapple on a pizza but trust me it is one of my favorite toppings of all time.).

Makhni Pasta was Dal Makhni (Indian flavor) combined with too much cream and cheese (Italian spark). It was a true Indo-Italian Fusion and the showstopper dishes out of all I tasted. Yayyy! 

Alfredo Pasta

The 3rd one I took there, Deeds

Makhni Pasta
KitKat Shake in Green and Oreo Love in the color of Love.
Cola Fusion Mohito in Black and WaterMelon Cooler in Red!

Death By Brownie in red Jar and Italian Gourmet on the side!

The place has a good smiling staff, mouth-watering quality food, quantity of food is perfect, the place is picture friendly for the instagram friendly generation and is not at all expensive.

So, while in Ghaziabad, visit this quirky, amazing pizzeria with your friends, family, date and don't forget to order my favourite Makhni Pasta. 
Thank me later. :)


  1. You have visited this cafe for three times which is making me feel a little bit jealous..Haha 😂😂
    Ab toh jana padega.
    Looking forward to makhni pasta, death by brownie and of course italian gourmet pizza.

    Keep writing and keep shining like a sun in the day, moon at the night and of course like stars jab moon nahi aata 😂😂

    1. Come with me the next time I am going there, I have already decided the things I am gonna order the next time. :D

      Thanks anyways for dropping by. <3

  2. A very good read about the place. Guess, I'll definitely be seen sitting here soon. By the way, I have two suggestions for the next time to add an extra value to your marvelous blog post about a restaurant-

    1) You may want to upload the Menu for everyone to check what else do they serve apart from all the things you tasted.
    2) Pictures denoting what's what would be better. I cannot differentiate between the drinks names and pictures.

    But, as for the stuff that you have posted, it looks like of great help for all the Pizza-hunters. <3

    All the best. ;)

    1. This is the kind of reviews I look forward to! Thank you so much for all the suggestions. I have added the captions (will keep it in mind from now <3) to the images. Also, for the next time, You will definitely see the menu card in my post.

      Till then, keep writing back.

      _Khaane me nakhre karne vali Ladki <3

    2. Hahaha! Ye hui na baaat. :P <3