Sunday, 15 July 2018

Hello Monsoon: A working woman's guide to rainy season.

Hola Ladies, 

Long time, no see. Did you miss me? I missed you all a lot.  

Rains are here. And, along with it comes the confusion of what to wear and what not to wear because none of us want a downpour or a light drizzle send our morning dressing routine go plain. Especially when you are a working woman, this desire to dress properly for humid mornings becomes a different ball game all together.

I know, we have to change our dressing preferences according to the season but c’mon who’s asking you to look boring and depressing just because humidity irritates you and the muddy roads out there are spoiling all your favourite footwear? 

Monsoon styling does not need to be all dull and gloomy. In fact, it is perhaps the time when you can have most fun with your clothes. It is the time to say hello to all your shorts, skirts, dresses, crocs, waterproof bags and slippers. It is the time to flaunt your colourful umbrellas and your well tied hair-dos (because hello, open hair will lead to hair fall!). 

So, are you looking up for options to light up your mood while mud and humidity all around bothers you? Don’t just let the rain ruin your dress-up routines, here’s a guide you can follow to look all rain-ready and fashionable. 

1. Bring on all your floral printed / colourful dresses 

Do you look up for opportunities to wear prints and quirky patterns that you otherwise do not prefer wearing to your work place? On this note, take a leap of faith and believe me that you won't find a weather so perfect to flaunt your printed collection.


2. Say no to well fitted Jeans ad trousers 

I can understand how jeans and trousers feels like in a season where sweat becomes an unwanted guest in the life. Let's pledge and ditch all these fit pants and fall in love with cropped flared pants. They not only are comfortable but a rich source of air that keeps your body cool.


3. Skirt it out to work and parties 

Remember the schooldays when skirts used to seem perfect for monsoons, you could easily cycle through the muddy water without the fear of spoiling them because of the sexy length that they provide. It is time to remember those childhood best friends (skirts) and you are all set to rock your work place. Also, you can go both formal and casual with this amazing piece of clothing. Try my advise and get ready for all the compliments that will come your way.

4. Let your heels hibernate for some time 

If you love your heels and expensive footwear as much as I do, you wouldn't prefer wearing them in a weather where you have 100% chances of spoiling them. Listen to me and pack them for a month or 2 in almiras you don't open so that you don't have the urge or wearing them because We Love Them. And, these comfy flats come in a different variety that you can easily match with every dress you wear.

5. Flaunt your umbrellas

Last, but not the least, how often do you get to accessorise your personality with amazing umbrellas that are available all over the market looking up for your attention. Let's pick atleast one this season and flaunt them as much as we can.

Quick tips:

-Keep a lot of polybags handy in monsoon so that you do not end up spoiling expensive items such as your mobile phones and laptops.

-Tie your hair into braids and quirky hairdos to prevent hairfall. I couldn't do it because I have really short hair but all you ladies with long shiny hair, I hope you don't want them to fall off this monsoon.

-Say no to make-up for atleast a month. Don’t worry you can still look stylish with your life saviour bright lipstics.

-Prefer waterproof bags and shoes to prevent the sensitive ones from getting spoiled.

-Wear light fabrics that are easy to dry.

Follow these simple guidelines and tips and you might never feel irritated with the prolonged rains that drench you without any warning. Also, rains are amazing, all you need is be ready for them to enjoy them.

Happy rains.

See you soon with another blog post. Till then, share your rain stories and don't forget to smile.

Mani <3


  1. Madam, how do 'we' stop our hairfall? Chote chote pyare pyare baal humare 😝
    One more tip, ditch the whites this season unless.. ahemmm. You know what I mean 😂

    1. Hairfall is something that bothers me too. Do share the tips if you find any. ;-)

      Hahahaha! But whites look cool. We can carry an extra shirt maybe aur the *Anjali* inside you might find her *Rahul* who could give you your shirt when you are in rain wearing whites. #BollywoodkaTadka #AngAngBhadka

      Much love. <3

  2. Such a creative, amazing and informative post for girls. I really liked your 'Quick Tips' in the end; especially first point which is the only thing useful for me. But I am sure after reading your post every girl would love it. Keep writing.

    1. Chalo, you atleast found something for you in this. I am glad you liked this.

      Keep writing back which you already do. :-)

  3. Aha.. I like it n even u look very pretty in this soothing sexy style ���� Keep writing gal

    1. You can not imagine my happiness level right now. Thank you so much for dropping by. I am glad you liked the pictures.

      I will keep writing if you promise to keep writing back.

      Much love. <3