Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Luxurious Trips are boring, Adventurous Trips are trending.

"Bhaiya, tickets dikhaiye!"

"Ye bus Kalpana travels ki nahi hai. City Heart Travel ki hai."

"Utariye aap log, yaha sirf City Heart Travels vale jaege! Aap log kaha jaaege kaise jaayege, hume matlab nahi hai!"

When you are all excited and your journey begins like this, how would you react? 

Well, don't know about the rest, I was all excited and laughing over the situation when replies like these came.

"Suno, City Heart Travel ke office se yaha bheja hai Kalpana Travel ki booking walo ko."

"Utarege humare dushman."

"Police bulao, pakadvaao in s**l* fraud logo ko."

Okay, fine! Shit happens. And, complaining about shit is never a solution. But, facing it head-on is.

This is how I embarked upon my weekend trip to Rishikesh and Haridwar with my friends. The excitement of a 'Volvo se jaege" turned into "Oye idhar se paani beh raha hai, seat adjust nahi ho rahi" but the fun remained intact. And, all I realised was that a luxury trip might be exactly how you plan it to be, but the fun of an adventurous trip is something more exciting.


The Yoga capital of the country, this city has two entirely different sides of it. While the first one is the spiritual side, the other face of this city is a bit adventurous. Known for the best Yoga retreats to one of the best spots for Rafting and Bungee Jumping, the place has a lot to offer to its travelers. This is one of the reasons, everyone should visit this place atleast twice or for an extended time to experience both the sides. The 1st time I visited this place 2-years back, it was more of a spiritual journey with my family where we stayed at Parmarth Niketan, attended Ganga Aarti, visited most of the temples and Yoga centres in the city. This time, it was time to look at the other side of the city.

So, here it begins, my awesome journey to Rishikesh.

That bus, autorichshaw, 5 kilometers of trek and finally we reached our camp site. Camp Hill Brook it was.

And then you have days like that when you meet the biggest fears of your life. So yes, I am hydrophobic and I did rafting on 5th May. It was difficult for me to cope up with that fear because water water everywhere frightens me more than anything in this world (after lizards). But, not just good, it went great and I am glad I tried it. Vapas chale? *Sunglasses and swag on* ❤️

Rafting ready. Never miss it, I pardon, never!

Could you find any better snacks than Pakodas and Tea when it is raining heavily in hills. 

You will be missed forever Peelu <3

Look at the tired peeps!

Rest everything was fine. Haridwar went well and it was time for ua to come back when another mishap occured. 
Early morning expedition to find waterfalls and natural ponds.

Just look at all the tanned faces at Haridwar.
Oh no! This bus was fine!
No, no! We didn't miss it either.

This time, around 1.5 hours away from Ghaziabad, somewhere before Meerut, our bus brokedown and the driver ran away along with the conductor. At 2 in the night when I was sleeping peacefully on my seat, my friends out there were struggling to find another rescue bus for us to come back. 

They did it. We completed the rest of the journey sitting on the uneven floor of that rescue AC-Volvo, smelling the refreshing smell of people's feet who were sleeping on their seats repeating Jab We Met's dialogue 'Boring bana do ji ab is journey ko' but still smiling hard on the awesome weekend that we had. 

You know what, complaining is easy but embracing the loopholes, misfortunes and hurdles that come your way is tough and I have learnt to embrace it all. While I was having a bad time with life, this weekend trip (even if how mishappening the to and fro journey may sound) gave me the ultimate peace that was desired out of it from a long time. 

But most of all, I found myself there. I figured out my heart. Or atleast, I am hoping that I did. I've learnt to be kind to myself, to embrace the journey I am on. I am learning to be proud of the person I am and the one that I am becoming even if it isn't what I actually wanted to be. I learnt to fall in love with the process, with the messiness of life and the confusion of it all.

Check out the entire Vlog of this trip here:

And, at the end of this trip, I've actually found what I was looking out there. Peace out! ❤️

About the trip:

Expenses involved-

-Travelling: 1500 INR

-Camp-stay, rafting, bornfire party and 3 time meal: 1500 INR (package per head)

Things to keep in mind:

  • Never book KALPANA TRAVELS buses. No matter how cheap packages they offer.

  • Appreciate the ordinary over luxuries.

  •  Yes, you can wear specs during rafting and you won't drown. The life jacket rocks. 

  • ‎Do not carry more than one footwear. Comfortable chappals are all you need for everything. 

  • Must try 'Rajisthani' restaurant in Rishikesh. 

  • Camp-life is something one must try. It is a combination of beauty, peace and fun. 

  • ‎Planning for a girls trip or a solo trip, you can still stay at the camp. It is all safe. Trust me. 

  • Don't forget to write your name on the sand and click pictures. (I missed that! *sobs*)

  • Don't spend on sunscreens, you're gonna get tanned anyway. Lol!

  • And, keep smiling. :-)

I booked my travel package from http://yatrarishikesh.com/ and the experience was awesome. Check out their website if you are planning to visit Rishikesh anytime soon.

Monday, 30 April 2018

Take a leap | Realise your dreams

A: Hey! So, you've changed your job? Blogging and all, haan?

B: No, it's my personal blog and all of this is nothing but personal blogging and l’il passion for fashion and food. :)

A: So, you are saying that you don't get anything from this in return? And, you're doing it for free?

B: Hahahaha! Okay, now that you've asked, let me confess something. Yes, you're right. I am getting nothing from this blog but some weird looks that say, 'she's crazy, etc.'. Yes, I am getting no monetary benefits from this. None! And, half of the world and the people I keep sending the links of my latest posts think that she's too free to do all of this (Btw, I am a good performer at work too! Yeah, ask my manager and I am not at all free to do all of this but a bit passionate, I would say). But, you know what, this makes me happy. Very happy. 

I always wanted to be a blogger/writer. My job profile is kinda-related but something very different (totally different, trust me!) but this is me. ♥ All of this, be it my weird observations, feelings, fashion suggestions, confessions, food reviews, book reviews, sketches, all of this is me. Also, the salary that gets credited in my account on the 29th of every month makes me happy but a post with over 500 views and above 10 comments makes me happier. 

(What followed next isn't important!)


Dear reader,

Okay, I don't know whether I'll be sharing this blog post on any social media platform or with people on whatsapp or with people I love or not at all with anyone, but I think what I am gonna write here is an issue that's bothering me from a long time. 

A question first!

What would you do if money becomes invisible or just a piece of paper and you get to do what you'd love to do, like from the bottom of your heart? Would you still continue with the job that you have or shift to a hobby or a dream that you keep thinking about but never have the strength or courage to pursue? 

Answer this for your own self! 

Most of us, I pardon, most of us are stuck at places and in jobs that we would never choose if money is not an issue and if life gives us a choice (of course).

But, how many of us seriously think about this. We keep complaining to our peers of the wrong places we are stuck at, of not getting any better at things or keep telling them about our dreams that we actually think of pursuing after 40 (because, we think we'd be able to save a lot till then). Grow up! That's never gonna happen if you don't start right now. 

I wouldn’t say what you are doing is all wrong, but there’s something wrong in the way most of us are raised in this society. A safe life, a safe career, a safe job, a safe relation and everything that is just safe has led us to lead a life that is also just safe and mediocre

You must have your share of people who must have laughed on you when you told them about what you actually want to do in life, some of them must have supported and there might be some who must have asked you to pursue it because they believe in you. Listen to everybody, my love but do what you feel like. 

Take their wisdom but let the experience be yours. You need to have your share of failures to understand what works for you and what does not. Believe in yourself, find that one thing that is really, really different and comes from deep within. We were all born free, then why stay bottled up, take a leap.
- a dialogue of Sumeet Vyas from a short film titled – Born Free

Watch it here:

So, if you are wondering that I have changed a l’il in the past few days that you must be observing me, let me introduce you to this new product. The new product is me. It is the belief that I have on me. And, Oh! I am not special to have this superpower. This new product is easily available, it's right there in your gut.

You just have to listen to it. Whenever there's a voice coming from your gut to tell you, you are good at this, you should do this, this will make you happy, you should listen to it. And, if you somehow think, you are not good at it, try, try hard and try enough to turn good at it because you know what, efforts can do wonders. 

Go grab your old notebook and start writing again, or maybe take out your paint brushes and start painting again, or start reading again because you couldn’t do it from some time, or start singing again because it makes you happy or dance because you loved doing that or start talking to more and more people because you love listening to people, or grab your camera that’s just eating dust from a very long time, or cook every day because creating wonders in the kitchen has always been your passion or join your college-time theater group again and make everyone go all dumbstruck with your performance once again or just take out your rucksack and travel to that one destination you’ve always wanted to because you deserve to be happy and if what you are doing right now in your 9-5 job isn’t making you happy, I think it is high time you should learn and focus more on your hobbies because you are worth it. 

(Are you one of those who still don’t know what you should do because you never actually realised what you wanted to do with life, in life. Oh confused soul! You are the luckiest of all because you can actually try and test all of this before you realise what your cup of tea really tastes like.) 

No matter how stupid it sounds to people, do it. People will laugh at you, don't take it seriously, because this belief that you will have on yourself, no one will be able to take it away from you. You never know, maybe life will turn around and you end up being at the place of your dreams. <3 


PS: I have no intentions of motivating you in any sense to quit your job to chase your dreams. Do it along with it because money is important too! And, somehow, if you have plenty of it, go, take a leap. <3

Saturday, 28 April 2018

Say Hello to Summers!

Hello Sunshine,

Summers are in full bloom and it's high time we update our wardrobes with outfits that are both trendy for 2k18 and summery. Talking about trends for this year, all of you must have observed a comeback of 80's and 90's fashion. Be it puffed sleeves, ruffled patterns, flared pants or big round frames.

"Being well dressed hasn’t much to do with having good clothes. It’s a question of good balance and good common sense.” —Oscar de la Renta

Sharing my entire wardrobe with multiple clothing, patterns and summer essentials is quite tough in a single post but there is always a possibility of creating multiple lookbooks with one kinda style pattern that I share. Remember what I say about recreating outfits, "Recreation is both fun and pocket friendly when you are having a tough time managing your wardrobe plotting and expenses". And, when you have a style guide as cool as me, you can always follow my ideas of mixing and matching.

I always had a thing about fashion designing which I realised a l'il late in life after I actually started with my career in content (I am actually not that bad with content either! Or am I?) and while I was planning for this blog, I thought why not try my creative hands on paper before actually trying out these looks on my own self. You can check out the entire designing process in the GIF on the right that is made especially for you.

So, combining my fashion sense, style, current trends 2018 along with keeping summers and bright colors in mind, I have come up with  these 2 amazing looks. Come, join me and rock these summers with these looks to really get ahead in the style stakes.

Look 1: Yellow Self Printed Embroidered Kurti with Blue Printed Palazzo

All I was actually thinking while designing this look was a Saturday full of comfort and fun and it actually turned out pretty comfortable for a sunny day. Made up of cotton fabric, both the Kurti and the Palazzo are extremely easy to carry for a day out with your family or friends.

I tucked my Kurti inside to give it a Jumpsuit kinda feels, you can also team up this Kurti with a Skirt, Jeans or this Palazzo with a plain/printed Kurta or a crop top. It is all about how can you team up essentials like these according to your comfort and availability.

Kurti : Reliance Trends
Palazzo : Abof.com
Black Pumps: Turab nagar 

 Look 2: White Puffed Sleeve & Ruffled Neck Shirt with Black Pencil Skirt

If I talk about designing this look, what I actually wanted was to create a formal outfit for my office but I again didn't want to keep it simple with a trouser which is something that I wear on a regular basis. So, I teamed up my formal shirt with this pencil skirt to create this look. You can also wear this kind of shirts with your trousers (Because, comfort is all that matters) or wear this l'il black skirt with an amazing top to create entirely different party look (It's all about creativity, my love <3).

White Shirt : Myntra.com
Skirt : Reliance Trends
White Ballerina: CNM

Like I always say, fashion, my dear, is something you can buy, but style is something that you possess. The key to styling your own self is learning who you are, which might or might not take years. There's no road map to style. It's all about self expression and above all, attitude

Lastly, this summer, remember that, The tans will fade but the memories and impressions of your style will last forever.

So, you better get up, dress up and slay it up.

Don't forget to mention your favourite look out of the two in the comment section below and feel free to share this post with your favourite ladies. You can also raise your fashion related queries and I'll try my best to help you look amazing. 

Untill next time, happy summers.

 Mani <3

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

New Place In Town | Cafe Shivastro Welcomes You All

Does the thought of a cheap but unexpectedly amazing Chinese and Italian cafe near you excites you?

Well, there's a good news for all the Ghaziabadis out there. With Ghaziabadis, I am feeling immensely sorry for people living on the outskirts because when I am talking about Ghaziabad, I don't talk about borders but about the heart of the city. The heart that is still unexplored by many of you so-called Ghaziabadis out there.

So, here's a shoutout to you if you are in the city and are searching for a cool place to try with your friends. This newly opened mini cafe is loacted in Nehru Nagar (Near Nehru Stadium) and you can easily spot it there because of its green and quirky exteriors (Yes, it's an open cafe).

Food I ordered:

Spring Rolls
Veg Momos
Cheese and corn Sandwich
Oreo Shake
Black current shake

On the very first bite that I had, the flavours melted so well in my mouth and for a minute or two, I actually couldn't focus on anything but the food. The best part about the place is its extremely low prices. Otherwise, which cafe serves you an exotic plate of Spring rolls at just 60 bucks (I hope you guys don't revise your price list after becoming famous). 

But, I have one complaint too. I am a big time fan of Blackcurrent flavoured icecreams/shakes and that shake actually didn't match up to my expectations. That syrup kinda taste that it had actually hurt me bad but the lovely oreo shake somehow made up for it. So, no hard feelings. I am definitely gonna come there again but would definitely want them to work on that shake. 

Additional mention for the presentation and the way these guya serve their food. I didn't expect it there at least. Bingo!

So, if you are still searching for a place to eat in the evening (Yes, in the evening because it's an open cafe), here's the deal for you. Try it out and don't forget to share your experiences with me.

Sunday, 15 April 2018

Desi Dupatta On The Rocks | 1 Kurta 5 Solutions

Hola People!

Summers is equal to colorful dupattas with solid plain kurtas. You can always mix and match different dupattas to create multiple Indian, Indo western looks. I am a Dupatta Lover. Are you one? Yes? This blog is for you.

I was never a Dupatta-kinda person until one day when I got very much attracted to the idea of having a Phulkari Dupatta. To my surprise, my sister's mother-in-law (She's pretty cool) gifted me one. 

That was one different time than today when you can actually find a good number of dupatta's in my closet that I love to mix and match with different attires. 

I know so many people who own a number of plain solid kurtas but never experiment trying it with a whole different dupatta to create a new look/outfit. Who says that you can’t look entirely different with a single pair of Kurta paired with different dupattas? Confused? Let me help you with this 5 amazing Dupatta-Looks.

Before, I begin showing up these looks, here's presenting, my very own 'Newspaper-Coated Wall' that became the location for this shoot. This is  made by me and my best friend when we were actually exhausted with the thought of not finding an apt location for this shoot. 

Excited for the pictures? 
There you go!

1. The color bomb
Brought from my favourite Turab Nagar market, this is a plain Chiffon block printed dupatta with a silver lace border.

2. Pinki-ti-poo Phulkaari
This is one of my most favourite and expensive dupatta. I got this from Amritsar. This is a hand-woven Cotton dupatta with hand-embroidered colorful phulkaari work. To those who don't know, this is a special embroidery famous in Punjab. You can also get one from you on your next visit there.

3. Get Set Green
Isn't the color of this one amazing? Say yes, please! Purchased from Amazon, this is a cotton-fabric made mirror-work dupatta.

4. Kamalkaari inspired
Inspired by the trend of the season, kamalkari print, this is a silk blend fabric dupatta that I purchased from Turab Nagar at a fairly low price. Easy to carry, light in weight, shrink free, this one recetly got featured on What My Sister Wore's Instagram Page and became quite popular there.

5. Sunkissed yellow
Last but not the least is this yellow silk dupatta with Indian contemporary printed contrast border. Got this again from Turab Nagar (You really need to visit this market if you haven't. This is a gem of a fashion street located in Ghaziabad tthat can actually be a tough competition of Delhi's famous Janpath and Sarojini Nagar market.


You can try these looks on festive occasions, formal events, while going to office and some even for a shopping day because you actually have to trust me when I say some of these are extremely comfortable.

Ending this post with a feeling that I had while I started planning for this blog. 

'Zindagi ne zindagi bhar gum diye, shauk bade par paise kam diye.'

Wondering why I was complaining about having a few notes? Simple logic ahead! When you plan on doing fashion blogging, you need a number of things which include 1. A lot of good clothes 2. ‎A good photographer 3. ‎Good locations to shoot (which also needs money).

Can you now understand why I was all sad in the beginning? Great!

But, you must also know that most of your problems solve when you really want to solve them. And, when you have a best friend as cool as mine, you can come up with some crazy DIY ideas like we did.

So, next time when you have a trouble of what to wear, go on with a plain solid kurta along with a Desi Dupatta and thank me later. Do share your reviews, your favourite look in the comment section below and till then I should look up for a guy to get my Dupatta stuck to his watch/bracelet because... 

If my dupatta doesn't get stuck in a guy's kurta at least once in my life, I will die a sad girl! </3 LOL!

Time for a wrap!

-Lots of Love

Mani <3