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She was my best Friend . SHE STILL IS and will always be..:)

## Part 20 + Epilogue ##

Viraj said lets go inside and then I’ll tell you where she is. I said ok and we both went inside. There He ordered 2 expresso coffee for us and then handed over a letter to me which states:
Hii Rajjo,

Happy b’day yaara.I hope you don’t hate me & are doing really well in your life
I am sory I wasn’t there with you in some of the very bad moments and mind that I am extremely sory for that and you know what if you are reading this that means you leaving behind all what happened between us came here to fulfill our promise **hugs for u**. Well Let me come on a serious note and before you read any further let me tell you after this Viraj is going to give you some more letters written by me ofcource, so  close your eyes and promise me that what so ever I will tell you , you will follow in the end.

Shocked or angry???? (because I didn’t came here myself) , Ok let me end the mystry.

Rajjo I am no more ,don’t think it’s a prank or sort of thing, I am serious(I am writing this letter before 5 years to our 25th birthday ) Don’t panic Raj But silently read the following letters as he gave them to you.

Letter 1:
I got your letter from mom today Rajjo, and I was truly very upset with me  for doing such with you. I am sory from the heart but you know what, I actually never thought that such stupid behaviour of mine will hurt you upto that extent. I never wanted to hurt you or wana do anything like with you But it just happened.
And you know what may be whatever happened was already decided by the god. After reading your letter I was dialing your letter,suddenly the door bell rang, I hung up the call and went to open the door. It was the postman carrying my reports with him( remember I frequently was ill those days and down with fever), The reports stated that I was having a severe Liver infection which cant be cured(My mother told this to me with a heavy heart and burst out crying and I have some 10-12 months lo live) I was shocked after listening that for the next 3 days, But then suddenly realized that the time is too short to spent it with everyone.I wanted to infrom to right there and then But something stopped me. I , instead of calling you, went to meet Viraj , told him about everything and we both decided to spent the last one year of my life as FRIENDS.
I did this because i didn't wanted to tell you this since you was not allowed to take leaves during your training at Bangalore and in any case I didn’t wanted to spoil your Childhood dream So I never let anyone inform you about me.
P.S : as I said you will follow me, DO NOT CRY AND READ the second letter.

Letter 2:
I was missing you badly But couldn’t talk to you , I thought that you might started hating me now a bit (atleast) and that was seemed best to me. Raj life is not always how we plan it. Sometimes things change and so do times(This was your dialougue). Don’t curse me for making these PJ’s in this overemotional Letter But I am pissed off with everbody’s care and attention(franky speaking). I hope you will understand.
I am sory for breaking my promise of meeting you on our 25th birthday..You can never guess the level of my sadness saying this( I never wanted to do this). But I am sending some special gifts for you along with these letters, the description of those gifts is explained in the next letter.
P.S: Wipe away your tears otherwise I’ll not talk to you when we’ll meet again (in Heaven)..;)

Letter 3:

 So I hope you must have wiped away your tears by now.Lets start with your gifts. Viraj is having some 15 gifts for you(Dats what I did in my 10 months life, Shopped for you) 12 of which are just anything I found cool in the market( All that must be out of trend now :P) The three main gifts are:
>> A picture collage(open it and see it yourself)
>> A cd(Play it as soon as you reach your place)
>> My diary( which has every minutest detail of what I did in those ten months with a photograph of each day, I just wanted you to be a part of those last ten months of my life…;’( Ohk now I’ll not stop you for crying as I myself am crying hard while writing this.
P.S : Don’t ever forget me rajjo otherwise….i’ll kill you and will call you with me ) And I promise I’ll come back to you soon( as soon as possible)
Urs loving friend & your Best Besto Bestest Buddddyyyy ( I wish I keep writing it)

I was in deep shock, the world stopped for me in that moment at once where i felt that all this is a prank ,Viraj's tears were not allowing me to think that way and all i end up knowing is  that Ash was no more ( How could this be possible) I shouted on Viraj ,” This cant be possible Stop this nonsence prank both of you call her rite here now And he too wasnot able to stop his tears from falling that day. I cried hard, very hard Shouted like an idiot ( people in CCD were staring me as if I was a joker or something but I didn’t realized anything)
Viraj dropped me  to hotel that day I was not in a state to walk on my own. He stayed there with me that night and consoled and wiped my tears all night long( and I like a baby kept on crying and hugging him and keep my head on his shoulder). Didn’t realized when I fall asleep and woke up early that morning, Viraj woke up again too as I was crying again. He said me, DO you think Ash will be happy seeing you like this?? Have a look at what she had sent for you may be some of your pain decrease with it.
He left me alone with my gifts and handed those special 3 gifts to me.

Collage: It was a picture collage of mine and Ash’s pic Stating Above( I was your best friend, I still am and will always be)

Cd contained a song that she recorded for me(she even wrote it herself) and recorded her voice for consoling me that I am always with you and all that.

And The diary was titled: Read it once you came out of my death’s Shock, u ‘ll feel good and will find me near. And don’t forget Raj LIFE GOES ON( please move on with it, I knw after this it will be a bit difficult for you but you have to do it for your best friend)
To me my life ended that day only But her last words strengthen me, Though I never loved her but our story still was full of love, drama, emotions and I think everything.
To all those who think a boy and a girl can never be friends Let me tell you I think A guy and a girl can be the bestest of friends without falling in love with each other, Rest depends upon the way you think or have experienced life)

P.s : those who think its ended don’t forget to read the epilogue( As everone say Ending agr happy na ho to Vo ending nahi, SO picture abhi baaki hai dostslog)

(Posting it with this part because i dont think i'll be able to post this in the coming week due to some reasons, so read it here)
It took me an year to come out of all this and then I started remembering her with her memories and gifts. She resided in my heart forever and as promised to Shreya I got married to her after my 26th birthday. Its now been two beautiful years to our marriage And to all of yours surprise let me tell you that I found Ash back, Guess how???
Before 3 months I was blessed with a baby girl, As I took her in my arms, The only thing that came to my mind was Ash’s words( I’ll be back soon Raj) I shouted loudly Welcome back Ash and hugged  and kissed my daughter like an idiot. And can you imagine, it was 26th June and God returned her back to me on the perfect day. We named her "Ayesha"

Today she is three months old, Shreya is happy that I found my Ash back and I live a normal life now. I love both of them a lot and Still have Ash as my best friend.
HAppyyysss EndinnGSsss…J

She was my best Friend . SHE STILL IS and will always be..:)

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  1. Ohhh my Gawdd!!!!
    I am not a very emotional person, so no tears or something like that,but as a reader I was having a time of my life while reading your story. Poora filmy touch ho gaya yahaan pe to...bodyguard wala ! Par boht acha laga :) But as a critic I would say you have still left the story incomplete. I mean you never told us about what happened to Viraj or ash's mom or even how Raj's parents reacted to this news. At the same time I also think (God, do i think too much?) that you could've elaborated the feelings a little bit more, given the fact that many of your parts of story are based on the description of feelings entirely.

    But still it was worth an ending and I am glad I got to read this story for free!! ;)
    Keep writing more of this stuff and i think you did not read my comment on the post task in sight on my blog. Read it and do give me an answer.

    1. I intentionally lef those points because the story started with two friends Ash and Raj so i wanted it to end with them only because many people would have entered their life but it was their story. These two friends were meant to be with each other and they will always be..:)
      I think thats the power of friendship that even death couldn't seperate them..:)
      on the filmy part( umm u are right i am actually a bit filmy {and if u ask it from my friends i am a full too filmy so it has to be a bit of that way too..:D})

      thanks for reading the whole story anyway coz i didn't even expected this from my readers..:)
      thank you so much..:)
      keep writing and keep smiling..:)

  2. i am saying honestly u should write a book.....!!u are very good fiction writer..i must say..plzz think about it what i have said.....plzz even u can publish this story "She was my best Friend . SHE STILL IS and will always be.." it as a book...!!

    1. Thank you so much Pink..:)
      Frankly speaking i dont know have any idea of book publishing but if ever i'll get it, i'll think about it..:)
      thank u once again..:)
      keep writing..!!

  3. Twas awesome. :D

    Brilliantly written. :)

    Take Care and keep writing. And more such stories as well.
    Btw Next week, Exams?

  4. Thanks..:)
    Naa no exams , my laptop is showing symptoms of failure...:( can stop working anytime..
    Keep smiling..!!

  5. so thats that...i m not very good with stories n all, but one thing is sure, you will go a long way... i m sure this ending of ur story is just a beginning of many to follow...

    i would have liked to read the epilogue a couple of days or so...
    and hey liked this compiled pict collection here...

    1. Thank you soo much..:)
      i too wanted to post it after sm days but my lappy can stop working anytyme soo posted it along with this part..:)

      thank u again..keep writing..!!