Tuesday, 6 March 2018

High time to turn #Selective

"But, there are times when we might learn a good thing out of the thing you are referring to as crap." was my answer.

"But you can learn a million good things from a better option in the same time that you invested on that crap hoping to find 'a good thing' there. Time, you see! It is the one thing that we lack on because life is too small to waste on shitty things. Make it big instead by being with people, doing things, reading books that are worth." was the reply I got back.

Okay! So, I was never that selective kind. Be it books, movies, humans, I've wasted pretty much time finding 'good things' out of crap and what I am/was eventually left with was some years wasted on non-deserving humans, crap books, useless stories and what not.

I have been all ears to stories that nobody ever heard, stories that interested me but left me all wasting some of the important moments of my life on things and people that don't even matter. And, when I say crap, I hold no grudges and no hard feelings against you/it. It's just that I've realised the meaning of 'Let it go' a l'il late but at a fairly perfect time of my life.

I have realised that I have wasted a lot of energy on doing things that were not meant for me/didn't made me happy.

I have realised the value of spending time with oneself.

I have realised the value of spending time in doing things that matter to you.

I have realised that not everyone will listen to you when you have a lot to say so better shut the fuck up and write it down.

I have realised that not everyone will understand you, your things, stop giving them explanations. People will go, let them go and move on.

Stay alone than being with people who degrade you. Or spend some time sorting their life maybe.

Do not expect good things happening to you when you are not even ready to spare some time for yourself.

I have realised that instead of spending time watching that crap on TV, better do something you've always yearn to do. Read maybe!

And while reading, be selective with what you are allowing to enter in your mind because 'time' like it was mentioned above is something we lack. So, let's stop wasting it on wrong ones and spend it with the right ones.

Don't you pick out the best apple from the basket from a lot of rotten ones? Do it with your life too.

A l'il less stories, a bit more of facts.
A l'il less of speaking, a bit more of learning.
A l'il less of crap, a lot more of worth.

I am trying to be a better human and trying to expand my horizons. You should too.

PS: Thank you for the lesson. I realised it a bit late but what's better than being late than never. ❤️

PPS: Sure, fun and entertainment is important. Try to dedicate least possible time to it maybe.


  1. I enjoyed reading this one as much as I loved disagreeing with a bit of it. The article is pretty blunt and straight which makes it look even better. ;)

    1. It was just a thought. A thought of that time. I am glad you enjoyed reading it. ❤️

  2. Nice write up Mani! The best part is that I can relate to it.

  3. Oh missed out on the smiling face.hehe here it is..and many more smiles to come for your blogs :)

    1. And, while I am replying you, I can actually imagine a smiling you all the way in Singapore. Keep smiling always. :-) ❤️