Saturday, 19 September 2015

Book Review: The Pocket Love Story + An Interview session with Ajitabha Bose.

The Pocket Love Story
- By Ajitabha Bose

A special thanks to Ajitabha Bose for the review copy.


Ramchandra Chauhan, a not-so-handsome passes his boards with wonderful marks. His dream of having a PRESS sticker on his vehicle takes him to IMS Delhi where he takes admission in the Mass Communication Graduation course. His college life was already started, when one day a beautiful streak of light named Tani struck him. She was one of the most gorgeous girls he ever came across, super-rich and most important his classmate.

He was attracted at the very first sight of her and she hated him from the time she knew that he was following and staring at her all the time.

Time passed and an incident made them good friends. Their growing closeness made Ram confused that whether he loved her or was it just attraction. On the other side, it was only FRIENDSHIP for Tani.

What incident made them friends?

What future has in store for them?

Will they ever realize their love for each other or end on the note of a wonderful friendship they shared?


Read this super-quick love story to feel the true magic of love.

My Opinion:


A cute tale of love, The Pocket Love Story is well penned by Ajitabha. His writing clearly reflects his vision for scene writing as the complete book will create a scenic movie in front of your yes while you will be reading it. Dialogue writing is done in a simple manner; narration and language too are kept simple. The book targets towards young readers and love-story lovers.

Book cover and title are different but doesn’t relate to the content in the book (Though it suits with his theme of writing India’s smallest love story book) still the concept with which the title and cover are selected will add this point as its positive.


There are some grammatical errors in the book which leaves a negative impact. Moreover, he could have written a more detailed version of this story because at many places it was felt that he could have described the feelings and scenes deeply. Also, some amount of Literature and more characters could have been added to the story.

Final Take on the book:

An unexpected ending is waiting for you from the author and director Ajitabha Bose who love ending his stories on a sad note. This will connect directly to your heart and will bring Tani and Ram alive in front of your eyes while you are reading this. So spare some minutes, yes you are right some MINUTES and read this super quick ride of love.

Final Rating:

Book Cover and Title: 3.75/5 

Plot, language and Literature: 2/5 

Character Justification: 2.5/5 

Final Rating: 2.75/5

An Interview with Ajitabha Bose:

Started his career as a director, Ajitabha Bose is a proud owner of a Production House (Bose Documentaries Ltd) and a contributory author of two anthologies, Love: A sweet Poison and Zindagi: The Story of Life, editor of an anthology The Untold Love Stories, author of a novella Its a love Story and author of  the record-holder The Pocket Love Story. Yes his latest contribution to the literary world has earned the record of being the smallest Love Story Books by India Book of Records and Incredible Book of Records.

In a recent Interview session with him, he told us many of the hidden secrets to success. Have a closer look at his journey:

1.   Welcome to Speaking My Heart, my readers would surely want to have a sneak peek on your background and family. Please tell us something about yourself?

Hi, my name is Ajitabha Bose. I am mass communication graduate from IMS, Ghaziabad. Born and brought up at Jamshedpur and after spending most of my life there, I moved to Delhi for my higher studies. With my keen interest in writing I have been a consistent blog writer where most of my write-ups are based on love. My writing was first acknowledged in 2013 when I published my first novella named, It's A Love Story. I am also the owner of a production house named Bose Documentaries Ltd. I have directed commercials for brands like Google, Hindustan Times, Amazon India and Steller. I am also a book cover designer.

Apart from this, I have written numerous articles and short stories. Some of them include “If Only” and “Yours Forever” I have edited an anthology named The Untold Love Stories. I have recently launched “The Pocket Love Story”, which is the first pocket size book in India. It has created a national record of SMALLEST LOVE STORY BOOK certified by India Book of Records.

2. This is not your first book but my readers would definitely love to know how did the idea of writing a story come to you for the first time?

I had been a consistent blog writer since 2010. It was in the year 2013, when I published my first story. The journey so far has been enormous. The love, support and motivation which my well-wishers bestow on me is just beyond my expectations. I will try to live to their expectations and keep entertaining them lifelong.

3. You are a Film-maker by profession as well so what would you liked to be called after 10 years from now, a film-maker or an author?

I guess, probably a film maker. I love writing. I write to express emotions. It’s my dream to work with Shahrukh sir one day and probably I will write the film’s script myself. I own a production house and definitely ant to make my company famous worldwide. If I rate myself, I am film maker first, then a designer and probably writer in the end. I am more confident when I release my video than book.

4. Any message for our readers or aspiring authors?

I would recommend writers to write more often. Not to think about the language or the grammar part. There are many untold stories which are still prevailing in the hearts of many people and they don’t write because of fear. Fear of getting mocked, fear of laughs or may be fear of this world. Stand apart and write your dream.

5. If you ever get a chance to write your autobiography. Will you write it? If yes what will be its last line?

If God blesses me with such a success that I am asked to write an autobiography, I will definitely love to write one or I will ask someone to write on my behalf. The last line would be “thank you everyone for everything you gave me…”


It was nice to have him here, Wishing him all the success he desired, we congratulate him for the records he has made with his book.