Sunday, 15 April 2018

Desi Dupatta On The Rocks | 1 Kurta 5 Solutions

Hola People!

Summers is equal to colorful dupattas with solid plain kurtas. You can always mix and match different dupattas to create multiple Indian, Indo western looks. I am a Dupatta Lover. Are you one? Yes? This blog is for you.

I was never a Dupatta-kinda person until one day when I got very much attracted to the idea of having a Phulkari Dupatta. To my surprise, my sister's mother-in-law (She's pretty cool) gifted me one. 

That was one different time than today when you can actually find a good number of dupatta's in my closet that I love to mix and match with different attires. 

I know so many people who own a number of plain solid kurtas but never experiment trying it with a whole different dupatta to create a new look/outfit. Who says that you can’t look entirely different with a single pair of Kurta paired with different dupattas? Confused? Let me help you with this 5 amazing Dupatta-Looks.

Before, I begin showing up these looks, here's presenting, my very own 'Newspaper-Coated Wall' that became the location for this shoot. This is  made by me and my best friend when we were actually exhausted with the thought of not finding an apt location for this shoot. 

Excited for the pictures? 
There you go!

1. The color bomb
Brought from my favourite Turab Nagar market, this is a plain Chiffon block printed dupatta with a silver lace border.

2. Pinki-ti-poo Phulkaari
This is one of my most favourite and expensive dupatta. I got this from Amritsar. This is a hand-woven Cotton dupatta with hand-embroidered colorful phulkaari work. To those who don't know, this is a special embroidery famous in Punjab. You can also get one from you on your next visit there.

3. Get Set Green
Isn't the color of this one amazing? Say yes, please! Purchased from Amazon, this is a cotton-fabric made mirror-work dupatta.

4. Kamalkaari inspired
Inspired by the trend of the season, kamalkari print, this is a silk blend fabric dupatta that I purchased from Turab Nagar at a fairly low price. Easy to carry, light in weight, shrink free, this one recetly got featured on What My Sister Wore's Instagram Page and became quite popular there.

5. Sunkissed yellow
Last but not the least is this yellow silk dupatta with Indian contemporary printed contrast border. Got this again from Turab Nagar (You really need to visit this market if you haven't. This is a gem of a fashion street located in Ghaziabad tthat can actually be a tough competition of Delhi's famous Janpath and Sarojini Nagar market.


You can try these looks on festive occasions, formal events, while going to office and some even for a shopping day because you actually have to trust me when I say some of these are extremely comfortable.

Ending this post with a feeling that I had while I started planning for this blog. 

'Zindagi ne zindagi bhar gum diye, shauk bade par paise kam diye.'

Wondering why I was complaining about having a few notes? Simple logic ahead! When you plan on doing fashion blogging, you need a number of things which include 1. A lot of good clothes 2. ‎A good photographer 3. ‎Good locations to shoot (which also needs money).

Can you now understand why I was all sad in the beginning? Great!

But, you must also know that most of your problems solve when you really want to solve them. And, when you have a best friend as cool as mine, you can come up with some crazy DIY ideas like we did.

So, next time when you have a trouble of what to wear, go on with a plain solid kurta along with a Desi Dupatta and thank me later. Do share your reviews, your favourite look in the comment section below and till then I should look up for a guy to get my Dupatta stuck to his watch/bracelet because... 

If my dupatta doesn't get stuck in a guy's kurta at least once in my life, I will die a sad girl! </3 LOL!

Time for a wrap!

-Lots of Love

Mani <3


  1. I loved the yellow one.. It's a amazing combination

    1. Thank you Dincy Di. :-)

      I also secretly love yellow the most.

      Thank you for writing back. This means a lot. <3

  2. Mann kar rha h tere sare dupatte le jaun...😂😂by the way nice post😃

    1. Get a plain suit stitched for yourself and BORROW any/every one of these. :-D

      PS: Borrow in caps. Lol!

  3. All are good but my favourite is green one. This looks beautiful on you.

    1. Thank you Isha. You can actually check it out on Amazon if you plan on buying one. <3

      Keep writing :-)

  4. In yellow you looking beautiful @:--
    Mann krra h ye ab me lene ajau Tere shoots complete hogye na 😝

    1. Hahaha! Bilkul lejao ji. ❤️ Thank you for dropping by my blog. That means a lot.

      -Lots of love

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