Thursday, 14 February 2013

NON-LIVING best friends

God made humans and when we were not satisfied with each other we invented non living things..more and more, more and more non- living things..we made out ways to connect more to converse more we made things to satisfy ourself to relax ourself . And that satisfaction somewhere made us more closer with those non living things rather then the god gifted humans.
So here I’ll start with the list of my non living best friends since childhood. Though I have many friends and lovely best friends but still these non living things have played a very important role in my life.
So read as my list says….;)


 I dint remember how old I was but I must be in 4th or 5th standard. A secretive child from childhood , I was not that sure of anybody so those paper chits played the role of my best friends at that time. I used to write sentences that I used to mention as “MY SECRETS” and keep them in the pocket of my school bag and idiotically I wrote it on my pocket “MY SECRET POCKET” but this friendship lasts till one day one of my friend took out a chit and was about to read it loudly, thank god!! I took away that chit and tore it into pieces otherwise I would have felt embarrassed(because that chit was about that friend only..hehe..:D) . I realized that those secret pocket cheated on me and finnaly I broke off with it.


I was not an over gadget oriented child nor I had any gadgets with myself and writing diaries(some of my friends used to write them) were not my type since it was not a regular process. So I used to write whatever I want to write on chits and after keeping those chits with me for some minutes I used to tear that chit into thousands of pieces and than blow them over me( it made me feel as if people were blowing flowers on me, silly me). This was a good plan and I never god cheated by this one but soon I grew up a l’il and was in a need of some discusions or advises so these tore pieces were no more with me after that. Ahh!!! We too broke up…;)

3.       A , B , C, D:

It was chits again and I remember I was in 9th standard by then(I used to think that m a big grown up now, but today I laugh hard at that “old me”).  This time I made 4 permanent chits naming “A”, “ B” , “C” , “D” and when I need any advise I used to place 4 options on the A,B,C,D order than than fold them and randomly choose a chit( I was a cheater , when the result was not of my choice , I used to fold them again and choose again..) and most important this is something my whole family and school friends knew about and this funda became a bit famous among all of us. Though I never told anyone about my own questions and my options for my own chits but it became a “POPULAR” thing…;) but soon I got bored of it and realized that “ jb cheating hi krni hai to itna jhamela kyu..:D”

4.       New phone:

Yippiee I got my first cell phone and now I was in 10th standard. I was in love with my phone(my first personal gadget). Since it was new to me , I just tried to send a text messege to me and was a bit shocked and happy( a feeling that can’t be explained) and it became my latest best friend game. Till that time I’have actually lost some friends(they never were) and also got some new ones but who to share what I feel was still a question so I started typing long text messeges and then send it to my very own no. it made me relaxed and I used to read my messeges as if I don’t know whats inside(that was fun …;)) read that, I enjoyed doing that and nobody knew it till today that why I loved my phone that much..well actually this is the reason (though I deleated all the messeges once I read them myself). It was good but messege tariff was not that inexpensive so this plan failed tooo and I that messege game ended…(y)


My first phone was a simple black and white one but the second phone that I got had a “notes” feature or option within it. It became my that time secret holder. I was in 11th or 12th standard by then and the topics such as studies, carrier (aahhhh!!! I hated them) being a science student I was actually tensed and frustrated with my carrier(confused because everywhere I could see a friend or a classmate as an aspiring engineer or a doctor…:O I never wanted to be any of them
I surfed net attended aome good carrier councelling sessions and then reached my own destination “ journalism”( actually the new word and a different + a bit creative things have always fascinated me).. deviated from topic …I used to spill out all my frustration and fear in the notes section of my phone by typing realllllllyyy lOOOOoooooonnnGGGGggggg texts and like always deleted then after reading them again after saving..;) it was good and I still sometimes do this thing but a new gadget and a new platform attracted me more towards it. So tata “NOTE MAKING”


My new laptop, before this I started doing this with my PC, this time things were more detailed and in better words , I keep a look at my words( no foul  language) and enjoy sharing my experiences , feelings ,thoughts and worries with my blog , I started it as a homework given by a professor(who guided me to start writing blogs) and then started reading it randomly when getting bore once, started liking things written by people , I started following some and slowly blogging ,today it has become my bestest buddy. I love reading what people write, connect with some,learn from some and in an indirect way get answers to someof my questions. These answers are better from those who know me and then answers, here it is better because people don’t know me, they are not biased towards me or the other side, they are just random, thay are true. I never was soo much involved into reading before this but now I am, I turned into a reader and I am enjoying it. We are still best friends and I don’t think so that this friendship is going to end , it’s the best among all.
Dear phone and chits , please don’t mind , I hope u’ll understand me…;)

With BLOGS, ends my list of non living best friends, the best part about non-living things are they never
 leave u alone no matter how badly you sometimes behave with them. “NO COMPLAINTS NO DEMANDS”. I wish humans too have this tendency of no complaining and demanding.

P.S:  I loved my life spent with my non- living best friends.
Do share your non- living best friends if u had or have any…;) 


  1. awesm... (y) .. Ya everyone have bstfrnd as non living thngs... :-)

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    1. Sure i'll help u..and ask my friends to join u soon..and will surely take and post ur badge on my blog...:)

  3. Without any doubt the best "non-living" friend is the 6th one, It's the mine too ;D
    You have a nice blog! I'd love if you checked out my blog, and if you like it, can we follow each other? I promise I’ll follow you back <3


    "Saúde & Beleza - Health & Beauty"

    1. Heyy thankss Maria..:)
      blogging is a wonderful experience cum friend..
      sure i am gonna follow u soon..:)

    2. Hi Mani! Yeah, blogging is cool and fun, I enjoy doing it ;)
      Thank you soooo much for stopping by and for following!! I’m following you back now :)
      Unfortunately you haven't “bloglovin”, but if you decide to add it on your blog, please let me know, and we can follow each other there as well, it's an easier way to keep in touch ;)
      Hope you have a wonderful weekend, full of things that makes your heart happy<3


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  4. thats some past-sharing from your side.. thats how it sounded to me than about non-living friends :)
    mine was a cricket ball all through, maybe until i turned 20...

    1. Yes it is past sharing but i always mention these things as my bestest friends...they were with me always till i myself move over themm...
      Ahann a cricket fan..:D

  5. hi5 mani khanna, not only making notes in cell we have another common hobby, that is chits (point 3) for making decisions in my schooling when i am confused. I am still continues it but i am using my fingers now and asks some one else to select one. Thanks for following my blog.

    1. yeah high 5..:)
      u cant imagin how happy i am to find someone lyk me..:)