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How to slay your friend's wedding | Recreating magic ❤️

Recreation is both fun and pocket friendly when you are having a tough time managing your expenses. And, when you have a friend's wedding lined up in a 10 days time, all you can do is rely on your mix-n-match skills and your tailor's ability to create exactly what you ask him to. 

So, it was end of February when this friend of mine called me up to give the good news of her getting married on 12th March. Would you believe me if I tell you that my first reaction was, "Are, itne kam time me kapdo ka kaise hoga? How will you and how will us manage?" to which I got the answer, "Are, Chill, I am getting married, Sab hojaega!". 

That moment gave me a mini heart-attack which forced me to plan and look into my own closet for if I could mix, match and create something good out of it. And, the pictures and looks that follow is all that happened.

1. Sangeet Night!

Because I think all of my audience is well-aware of what a Sangeet function is all about so taking a l'il less of your time, I would come directly to how can we plan an outfit for such a function.

See, Sangeet demands you to dance and the most important element that should be kept in mind while deciding a Sangeet-outfit is comfort. Keeping this thing in mind, I took the skirt from one of my indo-western outfits which you can see in the first picture below and teamed it up with a Pink crop top tucking it inside of my skirt to give it a Gown-kinda feeling. And, to my surprize, nobody managed to know that this combination was never a combination.

This is the dress dress from which the skirt is been taken!
That's my Sangeet Look!
When you are preparing a look, accessorizing it is equally important, I wore these awesome multicolored- mirror work Jhumkis with this dress along with a multicolored jutti.

Because, a smile is the most important accessory you can wear, never forget that!

2. Haldi and Mehendi

These used to be the all-family kinda functions in the older times but friends are important and so is their presence at such quirky occasions. And, with friends comes the ideas of color and dress themes. The bride-to-be wanted all the girls in the house to wear Yellow or Orange and we being brides maids had to follow her instructions. 

I already had a Yellow suit which will also be a part of one of my posts sometime but because I am a girl who can not repeat dresses which I've already worn many a times so repeating that suit here was an out-of syllabus question.

As a result, I ended up looking into my mom's closet to find something that could work for me.

"I always find beauty in things that are odd and imperfect, they are much more interesting." —Marc Jacobs

And, to my surprize, mom had an unstitched yellow suit kept layers under her suits section. When I asked her if I could get it made for me, all she said was, "It's a boring combination not meant for your age, rest is your wish" and what happened next was what I wanted. I was standing right in front of my tailor because somehow, I had it all planned. I already decided the way in which I wanted to get it stiched and this is how it came out.

Is it bad? C'mon you can speak up the truth!
The shirt of the suit had a cold-shoulder design with half-quater sleeves which is in-trend. Moreover, I converted the Salwar-material into a Palazzo-Pant which is in-trend again. While my mom had a feeling that I might look boring, I ended up looking quite sober for the function. 

The look was combined with feather tassel earrings and a pair of mirror work colorful Slippers that could be seen in the above pictures.

The Theme Picture <3

3. Din Shagana Da - Wedding Night!

Being the most important day of all the previous days, I wanted my outfit for her wedding to be the best of all. Right from planning of wearing my mom's, sister's saree to planning to buy a new dress, I had it all lined up in my mind. But the idea that I had finally, gifted me uncountable complements. (Yeah! I looked amazing in it. And, I know I'm a l'il self obsessed but it's necessary to praise oneself.)

So, I had this saree which you will see in the next picture that I brought 4 years back on the occasion of my very own sister's Tilak ceremony. Because the trend of this-kinda-saree was gone long back, it lied somewhere burried in the trunk (Yes, we have one!) where my mom keeps her quilts and other such stuff.  

I brought it out, surfed internet for how could it be converted into a lehenga, how can I get its dupatta made with same lace and borders and finally found myself standing right in front of my very own Tailor-Bhaiya with all what I had in my mind.

This is the Before and After version of the Saree that got converted into a Lehenga! Isn't it beautiful?

Right from telling him that I need multiple layers of can-can under the skirt to getting the blouse all altered according to lehenga to bringing a seperate plain black dupatta and getting it all designed according to the border of the Lehenga, I and my tailor worked really hard on this. We actually deserve a big round of applause. Please?

Which one's your favourite pose? I like the centre one the most!

Because I want all of you to have a look at the beautiful bride and the girl clan that made these 3 days even better and full of non-sense mixed with fun for me, here's a picture with our very own bride.

From left to right, there's Chhavi, Niharika, Mani, Shivangi (Dulhan), Shivanki & Ritika. <3
(Do not ask for the phone numbers of any of the beautiful ladies in the picture, please! LOL!)

With this, I am done with my look book for her wedding. I hope you find these styles pretty. For any assistance regarding the mixing and matching of your outfits, you can always contact me personally.

It can be difficult to articulate the power of style and fashion through words, but these pictures might give you a hint of the ways you can be stylish without spending much. As a person with a limited money in my wallet, the main objective of my life is to create stylish, trendy outfits at best possible prices. And, you know what? Following others is simple but creating your own self and style is something that can do wonders.

"Style is something each of us already has, all we need to do is find it." 
Diane von Furstenberg

Share your reviews with me about the above looks and do share which one's your favourite look out of all the 3.

So, untill I come up with my next post, stay stylish and don't forget to smile.

PS: For people in Ghaziabad,you can always ask me the Tailor who did this wonderful job of creating my outfits. (No, I am not getting any money for promoting him, I am doing it out of sheer happiness!)


  1. Again an amazing post by you Mani. Loved it. Although all 3 mix-n-match done by you were too good but out of all three dresses, Lehenga was the best.

    1. Thank you for being my first reader always. Sevak is doing his job pretty well and can expect an appraisal this year from Malkin. LoL!

      Thank you for the appreciation and my fav. outfit is 3rd one too. ❤️


    2. Hahahaha 😂😂
      Thank you for considering Sevak for an appraisal this year. All I want in return is a party from Malkin.

  2. Hey mani..again an awesome write-up !
    And just as the title says, you recreated magic for our friends wedding ❤
    Coming to your looks..for the sangeet night, i found it very creative as you coupled two outfits to get a trendy look. Thumbs up for that !!��
    I can't believe that your haldi outfit was the one from your mumma's closet..hahah����but yeah it looked sober��not to mention my picture credits in yellow suit��
    And ofcourse, your wedding outfit was the best one.��❤❤
    The theme picture is the best one in the blog.❤❤
    Awesome moments captured and memories created with the friend's wedding ! ��❤
    Cheers!! good one.����

    Keep writing.:)

    1. You know, nothing could give as much happiness as you give everytime you drop by here. It feels great to have all my friends supporting me while I live my dreams of being a fashion blogger. I am glad you loved all the looks and am grinning for you not getting that the Yellow suit was from my mom's closet.

      Lots of love.

      PS: That theme picture is my favourite too. ❤️❤️❤️

  3. Really a marvelous job Mani :)
    Your styling sense and your write-up are truly amazing. In every outfit, you looked stupendously gorgeous.
    Ofcouse! Your tailor bhaiya has done a great job. Highly recommended trailor bhaiya :D
    Keep writing your fashion blog and keep inspiring others by giving fantastic ideas. :*

  4. Areeee, the tailor bhaiya is super talented re. Aao kabhi dukaan par. 😂

    Thank you for appreciating my write-ups everytime. You sure are someone I need to see the comment section always. Keep writing back.

    Loads of love ❤️

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    1. Hey Ali,

      Thank you for all the appreciation. And, welcome to my blog. :-)