Saturday, 10 February 2018

Introduce With Love | Know Me Better

Okay, so this post is going to be a bit long as I have a lot to write in this one. Please be patient and read it till the end. There are a lot of funny elements so that you don’t get bored of all the things written in this piece. 

So, I was just going through my FB feed this Friday (while I had a week-off) when I saw a video of Deepak Ramola titled What do you say when someone asks, "Who are you?" Or "Tell me about yourself"? Your introduction can reveal a lot about you. This life lesson will help you make it a memorable one. I casually opened it because the title attracted me and the video me go all OMG! I tagged Lalit in the video (You must know him, we tag each other a lot and are best friends) because I somehow knew he’s gonna love it too. This ignited a zeal in me in writing about this post ‘WHO AM I?’ and a lazy girl with a weekoff spend her entire morning watching his videos. You can watch the video here (I will suggest you to watch all of his videos, he is my new inspiration these days): 


I am not writing a bio for him even if I am very much in awe of him because you can always Google  it if you are interested in reading about him. I was and thus have read almost everything I could about him. 

Coming to the motive of this write-up, I asked myself, ‘Who am I?’ and this was the answer that followed: 

To start with, I am a liar! I will lie when I'll not like being with you, talking to you by simply nodding and smiling at everything you say. I'll say I am not judgemental but will judge you from the core of my heart inside my head. I'll never tell you if I felt bad of something that you said because I like keeping things inside. (Because there is something beautiful about keeping certain aspects of your life hidden. Maybe people and clouds are beautiful because you can’t see everything!)

I am a nervous human being who seems talkative to everyone while am actually shy of talking to people at times. (I have a vibe-issue is all I can say to justify this behavior of mine.) Not just this, someday, if I see you in the market, I might end up ignoring you and hiding my own self well because I am too shy to initiate a conversation but on other days, I might text you out of nowhere and keep talking to you for like days and god knows for how long. 

I ask the meaning of jokes I don't understand rather than just laughing on them because everyone is doing so. I gently accept the fact if I am not aware about the happenings in news because I am less of a news and newspaper kinda person (Okay, judge me now! And, I am a media student. Playing jokes with life).

When I say I am a good listener, trust me on the part that I can listen to just any, any, anyone and anything out there. And, when I say anyone and anything, you can not even predict the depths and tendencies I am known for among people who know me for listening to humans (Jao, kabhi Nihari, Lal ki haveli pe unse puchne! #BFFthings). All you need to do is offer me a cup of coffee at CCD or Starbucks, I might even end up paying the bill because ‘coffee is bae’ (Devil’s own and Caramel Frappuccino are my favourite, in case you wanted to buy me one). So, another point is I am a big time coffee addict. If not humans, it is coffee that can take me to places because 'Helloooo, I love it'.

I am a person of words and promises and someone who remember things. So, next time you promise me something, make sure you do it because I might not remind you ever of promises that you made, never, but will end up adding that unkept-promise in my book of 'Promises made but not completed'. 

I am punctual, I like people who reach 5 minutes before than the ones who get stuck in traffic, oversleep, had some urgency, left their phones on silent and couldn't listen to their alarms or make other useless excuses. (C’mon, just say that you got late directly and things will be all cool, I am a simple human.) 

I am a good motivator if you believe my friends and a bad public speaker. I speak more in my head and you will catch me smiling often while I am working or just sitting because of this habit. 

I get bored of things, hobbies and sometimes even humans (this doesn’t decrease my affection of them) because every now and then I need new things to do, I want to try new hobbies and want to talk to different people. People I can learn different things from. So, if you are around me, you will find me being super close to some people for a year and then a new set of never-heard before friends will turn my day and night chat buddies because that’s their time. 

I do not believe in losing people but I do not believe in keeping them all tied up with me every now and then. I have friends, I will have new friends and some more will add to it, c’mon you have to accept me if you want me to love you forever. My ‘not messaging you daily’ or ‘not being in touch with you’ doesn’t mean that I am over you, it just means that you have a special place which will be yours forever and I have a habit of juggle and flirt around. (#Imp: I leave no moment telling the ones I love how special they are, so if you are one of them, lucky you!) 

[A mini PS: I might never tell a guy if I ever fall for one that I Love Him because that's how I am.]

Some of my bad habits include mentioning my opinions in each and every situation, be it your life and you don’t even need that, I will still say it because I cannot keep it to myself. (This habit is human-selective) Because every coin has two sides, some good habits include replying to each and every person who texts me (you will never find un-read messages in my inbox) and I will always talk to you being all humble. 

I believe everyone deserves a reply and one should value everyone’s efforts that they invest in us. The other thing that I missed above is that I am a good listener not only because stories attract me (Yes, they do! Try telling me one sometime, I am all ears) but I believe everyone deserves to be heard

Stories are something which are not meant to be kept, they are meant to be told and every other human in this world or outer space has a story, some told and some untold stories. 

I sometimes want to travel the world and raise a dog and want to get married the very next moment and have 6 kids instead. This is how unpredictable I am. While all the decisions of my career and studies were taken by me, I still cannot decide one between two options (I am a Libran and they are indecisive). I will be hungry but will not know what I want to eat, select two dresses but will not be able to decide which one to buy and will end up buying both (Kyuki, paise ki kami nahi hai! #JustKidding) which brings me to the point of being a bit Shopaholic

Right from following all the trendy fashion to fashion bloggers, I love buying clothes for my own self or for anyone. So, next time you need a shopping partner, take me along and thank me later. 

Having OCDs is trending now. I wonder what do people called these things when they weren't aware of this term. But, I actually have some. 

I cannot stand incomplete stories, conversations, fights and arguments. And with that, I am not kidding when I say that I really had some rough and sleepless nights because of some assholes present in this world for giving me hints and not telling me about things or ending a conversation with "Chod na yaar". (Are kaise chod de bhaiya, neend nahi aayegi, pura batao.) There are some people who understand this and I can easily convince them to give me closures and complete information but I can actually not do this to everyone. Never, never, I repeat never do that to me! You can never understand the level of mental stress I go through just by spending hours on overthinking about people and things that don't even matter. And if you are important, I might die of a heart attack or brain haemorrhage one day because of you, but why will you care (Hum Apke Hai Kaun)? And, would you believe that every fight that you left incomplete, I have actually spend days completing it in my head by actually debating on every single thing that I would have said and you would have countered on. (Life's tough peeps! But I am no less in being tough either!)

Not exaggerating the above point too much, the other OCD I have is actually a bit funny. I have a habit of washing my hands or cleaning them with tissues hundreds of times a day because somehow every touch (human or non-human) makes me do it. So, if you find me going on and on to the loo then ‘No, I am not going there time and again to pee, I just need to wash my hands’. (That doesn't make you any kind of unhygenic, it's just an OCD that I have). 

Because you might stop reading it if I continue it, to conclude, let me introduce ‘Me’ to you in a single line which goes like: 

I am a nervously crazy, hopelessly living, ever-changing, judgmental, lunatic day-dreamer who is funny enough to make some people smile, one of the best listeners you'll ever find and someone who's always up for junk food provided it is veg!

PS: I being single from like childhood do not believe in this Valentine-Week shit but I won't mind getting a Chocolate, Teddy, Rose and other gift-stuff from you. प्यार बांटते चलो <3

PPS: If you think you know it all, congrats you are a good friend! If you know more, congrats you are a better than good friend and if you know that I can kill someone if they bothers you, do I still need to tell you that I LOVE You?

PPPS: I am going to kill you with my words today! This piece is a hint of the kind of person that I am. I am all fluctuating and a book that is unpredictable. Stay close to keep knowing me better!


  1. Woah just woah
    I really liked it. 👍

    1. I know! I am a good writer. Just Kidding (No, I am not! I know I am good!)

  2. Because I might not know you as closely as Praveen, Nihari or Priyanshi do, my take on your introduction to self sounds really honest. I am well-pleased to know that you know yourself very better and you left no stone un-turned in letting any ambiguity about you remain unclear. Time to think- Who am I.

    Awe-inspiring Write-up! Keep it up. :)

    1. Really? Do tell me if you got to know anything new from this post because as far as I know, you know me well too! :) Waiting for your 'Who am I?' post!

      Thank you, btw!

      PS: One more thing you must know about me: I look up to your comment on each and every blog post and feels glad every time you drop by. <3 Awwwww moment!

  3. First of all, awwww.. and you forgot to mention that you love to say 'awww' to a lot of things in a day and your 'awww' is the cutest awww I have ever heard!! Throughout the write-up, I could totally imagine you saying these words with all your expressions!! And that says a lot about your writing skills.So don't worry, you haven't disappointed us on being a journalism student. Your message has reached the reciever as it was intended to be (this is what we read about content during graduation right?) 😂😂
    You are one adorable person Mani! And I love the way how lively you are and so is your blog 😘

    1. First of all, Awwwwwwwwwww! ❤️ You muat know that this comment has actually made my evening better. And, if you could actually imagine me saying all this while reading the post, I think 'Ganga Naha liya maine aaj'. Seriously! 😍

      About being successful into content, would you please tell my dad that I am doing a great job because he keep giving me all the 'You are a journalism student and you don't even know what's happening in the world!' every now and then.

      Last, we actually see an image of what we actually are in others. And you are an equal adorable and lovely soul. Thanks for dropping by and making my evening great with this comment. ❤️😍

      -Lots of love
      #SoulPalak #SoulSambhar #SoulMirchi #Soulpastry

    2. #Soulcake #soulbrownie #souldessert 🤣🤣

  4. Seriously amazing and inspiring write up... If you know yourself inside out then tumhara jeevan Safal hogya... And your unpunctual person statement totally reminds me about myself and all about our college days... :) seriously thank you for waiting every morning :*
    This write-up is totally you!!

    1. You must be really special that I even after minding waiting did that without any 'shikanj on my forehead'. Jeevan to aapke saath se safal hai mohtarma. ❤️😘
      Glad that you actually agree with every point mentioned. 😂
      Keep writing back. :-)