Friday, 9 February 2018

My favourite company!

Meet mommy! She is one of the coolest mommies out there who can ask you to order pizza out of nowhere when she is craving for one, crack jokes in a serious conversation and then laugh till her eyes are full with happy tears and my daddy (who is having a guest appearance on this post) is all irritated. No, don't misjudge her, she can scold you hard for not scoring well, for not being punctual, for all the reasons I considered her strict for all these years.

Introductions over!

Do you know how it feels to have an off in the middle of the week when all your friends are busy with their work and you have to end up your cravings with a packet of Maggi cooked in the simplest possible ways because:

1. You wanted Pasta and not Maggi.

2. ‎You are lazy enough to chop the vegetables because 'Hellooooo, You wanted Pasta'.
You might know this feeling if you work on a Roster too but if the answer to the above question is a NO, how was your day at work today?

And while I was all lazing around in the morning today with a hope of spending the day in bed, two people came to my rescue.

Yes, two!

1. Deepak Ramola
Who's he? Well, I'll come to him in an entirely new post which is still in the writing process.

Short, he made my morning!

And to make my afternoon and evening way better,

2. Mommy comes to the rescue.
Have I not introduced you to mommy up in the beginning?


She is all crazy, baaton ki dukaan and one of my favourite companies of all time. And, when I say this, trust me, I had no second thoughts for this one. She is having more knowledge of what's trending in fashion because she follows more celebrities than me. Thanks to the 'HT page-3' and her 'Saas-Bahu and Family Guru'. And when it comes to food, I am lucky to have a mom who likes Pizza and White Pasta. ❤️

Started with Dominoes, we then went to Haristo (one of my favourite places in town these days) then to 'Me Waffle and More' for some awesome pancakes we ended up making fun of and finally ended the food-a-thon with road-side Gol-Gappe because c'mon, she needs to digest all the junk I fed her with the entire afternoon.

You know what, when we are born, our mommies spend days and nights till we actually form a routine of when to eat, sleep, play and poop. Then she turns into our first best friend while we step into school because who otherwise will listen to all our stupid stories of 'whose sharpner was better than ours' and 'whose lunch had Maggi'. But, she's there always despite of the idiotic kids we were. Then time flied and we the new adults got so engrossed in our lives that this awesome place that once belonged to only her is now turned into we all know what. And, on days like today I find immense joy and a newly earned stamina in her in my otherwise 'turning old' mom because you know what, her old best friend finally is spending a day with her and only her.

So mom, you were, are and will always be special. And I wrote all this just to tell you that in the priority list that I have in life, you still holds the first place even if I have grown this big.

Cheers to the day we had, cheers to the yuckiest pancakes we had and the cheapest but yummiest gol-gappas we ended our evening with.

PS: She and food fueled me well for tomorrow's 12-hour Modera-Thon. Moderator 2, 3, 5, 6 and moderator.admin1, how was your day at work? 
Moderator 4, I know you had an awesome day too. ❤️


  1. I'm a little astonished that you're introducing her in the blog after almost 150+ blogposts. However, this one speaks volumes of the best-friendship you both share! Moderator 4 had an astounding day today. I am glad your day was made too.
    All the best for tomorrow. :)

    1. Hey Moderator 4,

      In the history of 174 blog posts that I have, she is the first person (of all the people that I love) to be introduced here. And, I am glad that she's the first one. ❤️

      -The one who is 'Yet to know you' ;-)

  2. From:

    Though I was the first one to comment here but couldn't due to lack of experience of blogging and commenting.

    Now coming to the point ��

    You are damn Lucky (#Kaalateeka) that you have your mom around you. Just tell her that I love her Baigan ki sabji more than chicken (Despite being a hardcore chikkiterian)

    And about my day.. Oh! Wait you asked how was your day 'at work'. Well, it was unusually good as I wasn't able to share my kind of playlist with my Moderator 7.

    Rest, I will compensate on Moderathon.

    Daddy is coming with Rajma Chawal.

    Get set go ��

  3. Hey daddy,

    Thank you for dropping by. I agree on 'being lucky' part. :-) #Kalateeka
    Your messege has been successfully delivered to mom.

    And you made me all Awwwwww with the playlist thing.

    PS: I am all excited for Rajma Chawal and our kinda songs today. Also, I am gonna try hard to give the best numbers possible.

    -Ladoo ^_^