Tuesday, 30 January 2018

He-She stories: If Only.

"How does the life of your dreams 10 years from now looks like?", he asked her.

It was a breezy winter evening and they were tired as hell after trekking all the way up the hill with the group. Everyone was busy singing and dancing on the tunes some were singing and others playing around the born fire while both of them, tired after their first trek sneaked their way out to a silent corner away from all the noise and hustle bustle that was there near the camp. Though she wanted to be a part of the party that was going on, she didn't wanted to leave him alone there. He on the other hand wasn't ready to join it and forced her not once, twice but for like fifty times to go ahead and have fun.

"You go first", she replied.

His answer was very much she expected it to be. Being an orphan, he always craved for a family and thus wanted to raise a beautiful one. He wanted to get married by 30, have two kids preferably a girl and a boy, two girls would have been great too and having two boys was the last thing he wanted in his life. 

"I will name my daughter Myra and son Ryan if only I have a daughter and a son. Though I haven't thought much about how my home would look like, I will certainly prefer having a french window on one side of my bed so that I can wake up from with the dance of sunrays on my face. And yes, I will have a cat and I will cuddle her a lot on Sundays because I afterall will be busy on the weekdays (atleast this is what I expect, being busy in work!). No? And...Umm I will also make pancakes for all of them on Sundays and we'll call them 'Sundakes' like Sunday and Pancakes together. Gotcha?" So, family. I want to have a family I would love with all my heart. Enough about me!

Now, tell me about yours, you blonde idiot.

"Hahaha! Okay, so, I never planned it but one thing I am sure of is my life is never gonna be like yours. You know how awkward I am with kids and how much I hate cooking. Also, staying at a single place for all my life? No! I can't do that. I have a gypsy soul and you know that. I don't know if it's possible but I would prefer roaming around all my life. I won't stay at a place for long, I will travel and will learn languages, I'll sing songs in languages that I don't even know exist and will never eat the same food again. Also, a dog. Yes, a dog would be pretty cool to have as a pet so I am gonna have one. But, I won't be living in villages okay? Because I love crowd. So, I would prefer living on the first floor apartment on a busy street where I could wake up not with the early sunrise but with the smell of food that local shops would start selling every morning before I even wake up. Because food is bae. ❤ And, while you are gonna turn into a man with a pot-belly in his mid thirties, I would be a fit-fine sexy woman, exactly the way I am right now.


If only they knew that the arrow the mischievous cupid threw not only hit him but hit her too. 

If only they knew that if his heart was beating drums inside, her heart's strings were playing too.

If only they knew if staring at each other secretly was a mutual past-time too.

If only they knew that it wasn't just him who was shy but a girl so chirpy like her was afraid of confessing her feelings too.

Love would have got a chance to create magic. But, life happened and cupid was all sad wondering what went wrong with the arrows he wasted on both of them.

The dreams they shared years back sitting at the cliff were accomplished, they were living exactly how they wanted to live their life. 

He was travelling every now and then to a new country to live with a whole new set of people, learning languages, singing their songs, eating local food, talking endlessly with random people that he met sometime at the tea shops or during evening jogs (Yes, he stayed all fit, fine and sexy in his mid-thirties) or while he was walking his dog down the street of the first floor apartment that he rented in every other city in a busy street where the smell of food could wake him up instead of the morning sun.

She on the other hand, a l'il chubby was happily married and was raising a lovely family. She loved her husband with all her heart and had two beautiful kids, Ryan and Myra (She always smiled thinking about their names because she knew that she cheated him by copying the names of the kids he always wanted his daughter and son to have). 

If only she knew that he never had kids that he could name Myra and Ryan, wondered the cupid.

She loved waking up with the filtered rays of sun tickling her every morning from the curtains on her window and cooked pancakes for the family every Sunday which the family celebrated as a ritual called 'Sundakes' and then cuddle her cat for atleast half an hour because she couldn't spend much time with her on weekdays due to work.

Yes, they were living exactly the way they wanted to. He was living the life of her dreams and she was happy in the life he always wanted to have because both of them secretly wished to live the other way round when they saw a shooting star across the sky sitting on that cliff with coffee mugs in their hands to keep them warm discussing 'How the life of their dreams 10 years from now looks like?'


  1. You got me chills down my spine for the twist in the plot there. The story is really heart-felt and I give you all thumbs up on this one! It isn't easy to raise a story in such beautiful manner. You go, Girl!!

    P.S.- The Cat. <3 The Dog <3

    1. Awwwwwwww.❤️

      Thank you thank you. :-) :-*