Monday, 29 January 2018

He-She Stories: The Confused Twenties!

He: Hey, how are you?

She: I am confused!

He: Oh! I can understand. This is the age of confusion. Everything, your job, your objectives in life, your hobbies, your desires from people, from life will confuse you. You will be sure of everything at one moment and will realise the very next moment that it doesn't interests you anymore. You could be all sure of the job you are doing, all set with your plans for the next 5-years and a sudden mishappening or a simple questioncould turn you into a clueless soul that is again searching for both peace and fresh motives. 

The book you'll love today might start suffocating you the other day round because you can no longer relate to 'Emma' as she is in a relationship all happily singing and dancing on the romantic numbers in the book you are reading and you on the other hand just had a break-up and all Emma is doing at the moment is reminding of that idiot who left you for that stupid new girl in his office. 

The ice cream you like today might no longer seem nice because you have developed a better taste for blueberry than chocolate chip which you have loved all your life. 

Food, boyfriends and job is still manageable but friends, yes, you will lose many of them, a lot many people will enter your life and you might have a new set of people with you celebrating your 25th birthday who were not even bearable till the 24th. 
But, hell yeah! We are living an age of confusions! Every other day, it is the new set of desires that I have from life that give birth to a whole new bundle of fears and confusions I fight daily with. But I guess that's okay. I guess that's a part of growing up. I guess that's a part of knowing our own selves.

They say 'teens' is an age of making mistakes. You make a lot of mistakes and eventually enter your twenties with a lot of hard-learned lessons. I believe twenties is an age of confusions, you are confused about anything and everything and all these confusions eventually help you enter your thirties with a level of maturity that life demands. 

And even if you don't, even if you take time, even if you are not sure of your likes, dislikes, aims, what to do and what not to do's, you have all the time to make mistakes again and learn from them because this is what life wants to teach us maybe. To never loose hope, to try, to fall, to rise again, to make mistakes, to sought them out, to stay calm, to focus, to understand, to work hard, to learn and to be happy, to make others happy. Maybe that's what life wants us to learn, the lessons or the secrets to happiness. And maybe that is all we need, 'happiness' in whatever we do, 'happiness' in what we want and 'happiness' in what we want to be. Maybe that will make all the difference!

Maybe OR Maybe not!

She: I am at Haristo and was confused whether to have Pizza or Pasta for dinner. 

He: Oh! 

She: I am so bad at making decisions. I am so bad at dealing with my life. What the hell am I doing with my life? Working like an idiot all day and night to get crap in the name of salary at the end of the month. And Rahul, how can he be happy with that bitch Sumedha.....................blah blah blah!

AND while she got all carried away with his lecture on 'The Confused Twenties', her Pasta and Pizza cried in the corner. (Yes, the hungry 'She' ordered both.)

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