Thursday, 1 February 2018

He-She stories: Did you sleep well too?

I was at peace,
Sleeping sound.
Right next to you.
Did you sleep well too?

I know, 'No' because while you were uncomfortable,
Changing postures,
Thinking ,"Oh my god I touched her, did she felt it?"
Yes, I could feel it too.

Half asleep, awake somewhere in my mind,
With a gap of 2 inches in between,
I could hear the restlessness you were trying to hide,
I sensed your uneasiness,
Could you listen the calm I was feeling too?

While you checked if I was deep asleep,
I kept staring at you with minimally opened eyes,
While you made sure the gap remained intact,
I slid my head smartly by your side,
Did you understood my mischief too?

I woke up fresh,
you were sleep deprived,
I grinned at you,
you nervously smiled!

The flight landed,
your anxiousness ended!
My story was already brewing up,
yours started to blend with it!

We were home,
Few minutes away from our families waiting for us with hands open wide.
I was a hopeless romantic,
Came all the way back with a nervous introvert by my side.


  1. Wow! This was one small and crisp tale. :)

  2. Replies
    1. Hey unknown,

      This story ended with the landing of their flight. Read other posts. They might interest you too. ❤️