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Review: 3@ a time

3@ a time
Diptendu Sekhar Chakraborty

A special thanks to the author Diptendu Sekhar Chakraborty for the review copy.


The story starts with Deep entering Khandala business School not only to get his MBA degree but in search of true love too. In between his search for his soul-mate he ends up falling in love with 3 girls (Sonali, Priya and Ritika) at the same time. In between his love track, he aspires to become one of the popular boys of his college. Also, apart from these three girls, there is one more girl in Pune that is a mystery to all the three of his girlfriends. Meanwhile, he found a true and best friend in Pooja.

Who is that Pune-mystery-girl? 

Will the three girls ever come to know about each other? 

Will he ever find his true love? 

Will he be able to retain the reputation of a ‘wonder-boy’ in college? 

Read this journey of Deep’s college to experience all the answers. 

My Opinion:


The book is pure entertainment. Targeting young generation, the protagonist Deep will leave no stone un-turned to bore you with his story. The character of the protagonists ‘Deep’ is also well described. Though the language is kept simple, the author is victorious is gripping readers’ interest in the story with his visualizing power and perfect punch of entertainment. Also, the story is written with bulk amount of humor with some perfect dialogues that prove to be cherry on this cake. One of the best one-liners of the book is: 

“…but I forgot assumption was the biggest enemy of mankind and even if one is absolutely sure about any activity he/she should not assure things, on the other hand they should try to make their assumption a reality unlike me.” 


Being a debut novel, 3@time is a wonderful attempt, but the immaturity in writing is clearly reflected in the story. He could have worked a bit more on the book cover and book title. Some chapters seemed not-connecting like the one detailing the cold war between KIMI and KBS. Also, the plot was a bit weak and all the characters introduced were not ended justifiably. 

Commenting on the publishers’ part, I think they could have done the editing properly to eradicate the grammatical errors, typos that are creating a bad impact on the book. 

Final Opinion:

Right from campus love, politics, activities, examination scenario, college rivalries and a desire to be the best are described properly. Youngsters, college goers and those who love reading love/lust stories especially boys will enjoy each and every bit of it. 

In between its entertaining part it taught us two wonderful lesson in which first is that assumptions are our biggest enemies, we should not bake them unless and until we are sure of turning them into realities and second is that strong determination to not get demotivated on your losses will take you far in life. 

So if you are in your teens and twenties and love reading college romance, go grab a copy now and re-live your college days..!! 

Final Rating: 

Book Cover and Title: 2.5/5 

Plot, language and Literature: 2.75/5 

Character Justification: 3/5 

Final Rating: 2.75/5 

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