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Reiew: Guruji's Ashram

Guruji’s Ashram
-By Sunil Sinha


The story began with three simultaneous deaths in different part of India which on investigation seemed related. 

In the backdrop of a small town Rourkela, arises the protagonist of the story Tapas. Leading a simple life in Bhubaneswar as a government employee, he was in love with a girl, Rashmi, as simple as him and was about to reveal his love for her in front of his family when his life takes a sudden twist. His fate takes a bad turn again and the darkness of his life takes him to a Guru from whom he starts taking Meditation and Pranayaam lessons. From being a student, he himself start taking those sessions and ultimately turns into one of the well-known Spiritual Gurus of Orissa.

What converts Tapas from a government employee into a Guru?

Who is behind the three deaths that took place simultaneously in different parts of the country?

Is Tapas a true-spiritual teacher or a criminal mind resides behind the white dress he wears?

Read this thrilling murder mystery to uncover the answers that are hidden under the covers of this book.

My Opinion


A perfect plot has been thought of and I appreciate the style of writing Sunil had maintained throughout creating a thrilling ambience till the very end. Language is simple and narration is perfect. Title suits well with the story. Though the book cover is not that bad but still he could have worked more on it.

Readers will not get bored in any part of the book and being a 300+ page book, it will still keep its readers hooked due to the pinch of mystery. The book has no age specific target audience as it will be loved by people of all age groups especially those who love reading suspense and murder mysteries.

The Shlokas from Geeta, knowledge of Yoga, Meditation, Pranayaam and the medical terms, drug-world-descriptions along with cancer treatment procedures described in the book shows author's deep knowledge of different fields and the amount of research he has done for the book which is again commendable.

All characters are properly defined and well penned. His writing has also created a visual appeal that makes the book interesting. Proper justification is given to all the characters and ending too is well penned.


Repetition of same sentences has created a bad impact which could have been avoided. The intimate scenes mentioned in the book are exaggerated much more than necessary since this diverting a mysterious thriller towards eroticism. A few typos were found in the end chapters, they could be avoided.

My take on the book:

The book gives rise to an important issue which is that why humans can’t control their desires and greed. Picturing our ‘greed’ as our ‘needs’ has brought this phase in human life.

What more I have concluded after reading this book is that, it was not only the story which he want his readers to read, there were multiple hidden aspects that he wanted to give light to with this book.

The main motives of Human existence, importance of Meditation, Pranayaam, Yoga in our lives, the teaching of Geeta mentioned in some parts of the book in the form of Shlokas, the truth behind the “Baba/ Guruji” and other such people are may the aspects that were described in the shadow of this murder-baba-mystery.

One more thing I would like to highlight is the statement “Legal or Illegal is a political matter, whenever politicians decide to make something legal, they make it legal and whenever they please they make same things illegal. Why have they not banned cigarettes and alcohol? Don’t they know how many people get cancer because of smoking cigarettes? How many lives have been ruined because of drinking alcohol? Why are these not made illegal?"


I too have been thinking this very thing from a very long time and still not got someone who could give me a suitable answer to this. 

(In a hope that one day all such questions will be answered, I’ll leave it as a question for my readers)


Read Tapas' journey of transformation from a common man to a world famous Spritual Guru and in between enjoy a thrilling murder mystery to learn some harsh realities of this world and the hidden aspects of different worlds altogether.

Final Rating:

Book Cover and Title: 3.75/5

Plot, language and Literature: 4/5

Character Justification: 4.5/5

Final Rating: 4/5


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