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Book Review: KLASS

A Man Is Lifeless Without A Passion In His Life!
-By Prtia Yadav

A special tanks to Prita Yadav and Kamal Paneru for the review copy.


How will you react when on your birthday, you will get the news that your mother is no more (the only person you thought, loved you) who had met you only twice?

It was as if not enough and to turn your world upside down, you come to know that your mother's ex want to adopt you since your so called biological father hates you and says that, "You are a whore"?

On top of all that what if in between all these chaos you find yourself struck at a place you never want to be at that too on the cost of a massive bribe your mother had paid for your stay there.

Relax and stop imagining yourself in these situations and get ready to read Jo and her life in this school-centric book KLASS (Kanchan Singh’s Lessons and Sports School).

My Opinion:


The best part about the book is that it will not bore you even for a second. Jo's fights, attitude and mind your own business dialogues will keep you interested in it till the very ending. Centered towards hostel life, the story will be most loved by hostellers or children who stay away from their home. Writing style is commendable and shows maturity. The perfect description for each and every sport mentioned shows her knowledge and experience of sports well. Imagination is well penned and creates a visual appeal. Dialogues are well crafted and the book lacks all kind of typos and grammatical errors (which indeed is a positive sign).

Right from detailing Jo's rudeness to the humorous incidences of Jo's looks at the welcome party, emotional moments shared by Jo-Teju, Jo-Angus and the group of friends will definitely remind you of your school and college days. Amid all, my favorite character was the flirty, cute, carefree Ankit who left no chance of showering his flirty dialogues on each and every girl. 

Also, the title is well chosen and perfectly suits the content present inside the book.


In the backdrop of Jo, most of the characters and mini incidents have not been well justified and ended. Either she should have not stated Rino and Angus story else I feel she should have completed it properly answering the basic questions of what happened b/w them and why Rashmi left Angus? 

If she would have given a bit better ending to all of the characters, the story would have earned an extra point from me. Besides, there was no need to add this much characters to the story. For some small incidences multiple characters have been added which at some point creates confusion in readers' mind. The book should have ended on some other note as the readers felt the need for more to get justified on the ending part. To conclude, I think the cover could have been much better.

My take on the book:

“Life is hard at times but it is not only "we" who are having toughest time of life. In between our life's miseries we don’t even care that others might also have their own set of dilemmas”, apart from dealing with a short and simple story of Jolene Jordan, this is one lesson that the book teach us. Besides, it shows the significance of confidence along with dedication one needs to excel in life.

You might feel you are happy and ok alone but that spice "friends" add to your life's recipe is all in all one of the beautiful aspects of someone's life which in future become one of the best memories one cherish for lifetime.

Also, this book has defined new definitions of relationships that Jo shared with everyone comprising hatred with Afreen, love with Rino, child-father-hate relation with Kelvin, new-found-love-between-a-father-and-child relation with Angus, concern with Rashmi, reputation-comes-first with Miss. Mariam, friendship with Jogeshwar, Teju, Nik, Ankit Somesh and others and last but not the least a tinsy bit of attraction with Dennis.

Also being a harry potter fan, the story dictate many such incidences that will make you remember Harry Potter books and movies.

In between all this it’s her journey to get suspended from KLASS as a revenge to Kelvin, not making or making friends, dilemma of choosing her MAJOR sport, teaching Aafrin the lessons she deserved and finalizing whether or not she should accept Angus Jordan as her father.


Don’t waste time and sip this non-toxic, still brilliantly made mocktail of bullying, tests, teen age crush and infatuation, class rivalries, parties, trips and much more to re-live your long lost school life.

Final Rating:

Book Cover and Title: 2.75/5

Plot, language and Literature: 3.25/5

Character Justification: 2.75/5

Final Rating: 3/5

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