Thursday, 16 July 2015

Review: Hidden Husband

Some secrets never leave you
-By Shikha Kaul

First of all, a special thanks to Shikha Kaul, for the free review copy of the book.


The story is about a Punjabi girl, Aisha who falls in love with a Bihari Boy, Raghav. When discussed with parents, Aisha’s parents were happy with her decision and choice, but Raghav’s Parents were against it and stick to their caste-factor and says a blunt ‘no’ for an outside-community girl.

Madly in love with each other, they take a decision and eventually fall prey in their own woven web. Trapped in her own secret, Aisha’s life is turning hell with each passing second. In between her parents’ consistent efforts in finding her a good groom, getting entangled in her relation with Raghav, a sudden entry of Sameer takes the story towards a newer angle.

Will Aisha and Raghav be able to get marry ever?
What was the secret that they are trapped into?
What destiny has decided for them?
How will the destiny repeat itself in their lives?

Walk with this odyssey to get all the answers.

My opinion:


It’s not daily that, I find some good books to read like this one, Hidden Husband is a roller coaster ride of love, emotions and thrill, all so beautifully crafted. With an essence of suspense and thrill in its plot, it will keep its readers hooked till the very ending. Be it the story, the characters, narration, dialogue writing, title of the story, everything is knitted in an amazing manner leaving me glad to choose this book for review. 

The prologue was perfect in keeping its readers curious enough to read the entire book in one go. The title of the book is wonderful, eye catching and suits the story. All the parts are well connected and scene-to-scene transition and narration is well penned too. Further, the character description of Aisha has made an emotional connect with her readers that add to an extra plus point for this book.

Some of my favorite parts of the story were:

  • The description of Aisha’s love towards Raghav “Living without him was like a life without life. I always wanted to grow old with him, have kids, stay together in good and bad times, enjoy all seasons and festivals, live all fantasies, cry and laugh together, find bliss in small things, watch late night movies in cinema halls…..irritate him sometimes and then love him back, plan our finances together, fight and patch up, take care of each other when either would fall sick. I wanted to live my live with him like my mom and dad. Forever in Love.”

  • MARRIAGE- Most Amazing Response from Relatives In A Grand Event
  • The bond that Aisha and Piyali shared. (The confusion that whether she was a friend or a foe… a friend indeed)


Though everything in this book is fantastic, but I would have been glad if the characters of Raghav and Piyali were described a bit more in detail so that the readers could connect to them as well. Also, the front cover of the book could have been a bit more connected with the title and story (back-cover-background seemed more connected to me).

Final opinion:

Besides the story, the book also deals with the dilemma of love-birds that belong to different caste segments. Shikha ended the book on a very special note that no matter what, we are all HUMANS and this fact is above any other distinction of caste, creed, color sex and religion. It’s not just Aisha dreams that didn’t get fulfilled, but there are many such Aishas’ one would meet in their real life with their dreams shattered because of the caste- based-distinctions made in our society. 

With this book, lets pledge that no matter what, we will remain HUMANS first and Punjabis, Biharis, Bengalis, Sikhs, Christians and Muslims afterwards.

All in all, I would say, read this enthralling experience of love, friendship, thrill, office-romance and emotions to unfold all the answers. You have a long way to go, Shikha Kaul, waiting eagerly for your second book.

An incredible read, Go grab your copies now.

Final Rating:

Book Cover: 3/5
Plot, language and Literature: 4.5/5
Character Justification: 3.75/5
Final Rating: 3.75+ 0.25 extra for raising such a wonderful issue

So 4/5 in all