Saturday, 18 July 2015

Review: 1st Job and 10 Mistakes

1st job and 10 mistakes
-By Uttam Kumar

About the book:

First Job-Dream of every youngster (almost) brings to us not only the freedom in terms of our finances but also provokes us in making some common mistakes. This book is a self-help detailing 10 such common mistakes every new comer in the corporate world tends to make. Understanding human nature in an exceptional manner, Uttam’s writing will connect you to the book even if you are on your first job or having years of experience in the job sector.


All the points are up-to-the mark and the theories mentioned in this book will relate to each and every new comer in the job sphere.

Some of the best parts about the book are:

· SpEaR and ESS theory

· Goal sheets – They will actually inspire you to sit and plan.

· Short and sweet- Each and every chapter is precisely explained in simple words.


Book cover could have been made much better as it is nowhere related to the content present in the book. Besides this, addition of more examples to explain each and every theory could have been done to make points clear.

Written after a deep analysis of young-minds, this will surely inspire you to sit, think, analyze and plan your expenses. One should definite grab a copy of the book and have this quick read.

Final Rating:
Book Cover: 2/5
Content: 3/5
Language: 3/5
Final Rating: 2.75/5

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