Monday, 13 July 2015

Review : The Introduction (Undying Love #1)

The Introduction (Undying Love #1) 
-By Isabelle Connors

First of all, Thank you Isabelle for the free review copy of this book.


This story of Skylar and Arianna who are madly in love with each other but still are not together since Ari's sister-like-best-friend, Rachel, is in love with Sky too. To make her best friend happy, Ari takes the decision from sky's side to him get into a relationship with Rachel. But that one sided love doesn't take them too far and soon Rachel comes to know about Ari and Sky’s feelings for each other. Respecting their love, she steps aside from their love story. They turn out to be a wonderful couple but there are still some people who are jealous of them. Also Sky has got admission into an out-of-city college for further studies due to which Ari is afraid that distance might give rise to misunderstandings between and she might lose her love. 
Leaving readers guessing that what will happen in the next part has created a feeling of curiosity in me too. 

What will be the impact of this going-to be-long distance relationship?
Will they keep on loving each other or Ari’s fears will come true?

Sail through this cute little tale of love The Introduction (Undying Love #1) to get to the shores of the answers that will unfold in the coming two parts.

My Opinion:

Targeting teenagers, this book is written in a simple and pleasing manner. Writing from Ari’s and Sky’s view in alternating chapters has created a wonderful impact. Detailing the desires and feelings of Teen-agers, this book has defined new definitions for friendships and love. The emotional turmoil through which Sky passes is written in a simple and innocent manner. Dialogue writing is done in a beautiful manner which helps its readers to connect with it.

Some points which according to me lack in this story is lack of descriptions. The story could have been written in a more descriptive manner and some part of literature would have added a cherry on this sweet-teenage-love-cake.

A tale of love, friendships, relationships and distance, this will take you to your High school days when innocence is at its best. Read this wonderful experience The Introduction (Undying Love #1) by Isabelle Connors.

Final Rating:
Book Cover: 3.5/5
Plot, language and Literature: 3/5
Character Justification: 3/5
Final Rating: 3.25/5


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