Wednesday, 21 February 2018

My constants! ❤️

The one thinking that 'I am taking you for granted'

Don't! Don't you dare complain that I took/am taking you for granted when you be the only possible human form I look at in times.

Times when I need a shoulder to cry on

Remember, the day while I kept talking to you on phone for an hour or so from the bathroom because I had no other place to hide and cry and only you were there, the only one.

Times when I need a companion to tag along,
Your zillions of 'If no one, I'll come with you, happy?' won't make me ever take you for granted.

Times when I have this mess in my head,

Of what to eat, of whether at all eat or not, of whether to buy it or not, of what to do next, of what to say next.

Times when you are the only confidant,

times when vulnerable is the only word that could define me,

times when I tell you of my plans to spend my life beside the sea.

Oh! There are n number of times and I might turn into a grey-haired oldie if I keep writing all of it.

This isn't a justification to your beliefs but to tell you of the number of times I text you because I know a reply would be instant and on-time when I need it. This is to tell you that we might lack conversations but the way we talk things out is endearing. This is to tell you that I might look up to others for attention (you know, who, right? Winks! (Check PPPS)) but deep down I know if not anyone else, you are always there. This is to tell you while no one noticed, you knew how from 'Afraid of changes' to believing 'Change is the only constant', I transitioned. This is to tell you that every time I told you to not talk to me at the moment was the time I knew you wouldn't because you know I am a terrible person at that moment despite 'whatever the reason be'.

Of the countless 'Hi's to the warmest 'Good Bye's.
Of the silliest 'Bhakkk' to the can't keep secrets 'Sunnnnnnn'.
Of the lazy 'GM's to the dramatic 'Good night's.

I certainly am uncertain of the time we will be together the way we are but the affection we have for each other isn't something I can ever doubt about. You shouldn't too!

The one who's smiling because I know you'd be smiling too while and after reading this.

PS: No raincoat, please!

PPS: Sar pe baithau, ya thappad lagau, Offfo! (I was listening to this track while writing this. So!)

PPPS: Shayad nahi hi pata use! Mai keh rahi hu kuch nahi hona.

All of us, I pardon, all of us somehow have some people who only seem coherent when everything seems gawky. We have a set of home people to soothe ourselves when the world we live in all looks and feels like mess. A mess so bad that every evening, after going through all of it again the entire day, we crave to come back home. No wonder how much we believe in living on our own, being independent and not dependent on people, no matter how much we try to be self-loving, we need people, their memories or just an assurance from whereever they are that they are with us through thick and thins. Albeit, they won't be available and present in our life every now and then but a sense of knowing that wherever they are, they are missing us, adore us in the same way like always appease the anxiety out of us in seconds.

It is good to have your own back with you, knowing how to calm oneself down, not depend on anyone or anything but having people who can mollify you makes life even better. It's good to have a home team to live a good life. It's good to have people you could call in the middle of the night to give a good news or to cry to sleep after something that hurt you.

I have my share of 'home' people. One is smiling because of the letter above and the rest will smile after reading the entire post.

Did I make you smile?

Who are your home people? Do share in the comment section below.


  1. This is the singularly most beautiful post of yours that I have read. Yes, I definitely smiled while reading this. ☺️ And it reminded me to go and text my homie, thanks!

    1. I am glad it made you smile. And, even more glad that it compelled you to talk to your homies. ❤️😘

      Keep writing Varshu. ❤️

  2. Just one of those things we discuss over a coffee table. It was wonderfully put together. Seemed like a gist of what we were discussing the other day! :D

    1. We must have talked about it! (Is there anything left in this world that we haven't talked about? LoL! I am sure there must me many which will become the topics of my future posts.)

      PS: I can see that big grin on your face right now. ❤️😘

      Thank you and keep writing.