Thursday, 8 February 2018

The first step!

If taking risks was an attribute everybody had, taking that first step for something wouldn't have been that tough. Of the entire ladder that we keep planning to climb, the first step certainly is the toughest one. The fear of what it will lead to, the fear of what if things go wrong, the fear of failure, of falling, of disbalance, of unexpected unevenness, of what will 'they' think of me, the fear of judgement are the factors that stop us in taking that first step. We forget that we can not climb the final step of the ladder without really stepping on to the first one. And, trust me the first one that seems the easiest is the toughest to climb on.

You somehow have to shut the fears that keep interrupting you while you are trying, keep trying, motivate your own self (because no one other than your own self can motivate you), leave your inhibitions behind, fight with the demons debating all this while in your head of whether you'd be able to do it or not, thrash the feeling of getting judged for the fall (which is still there in your mind) and take that step.

Once you take the step, you might succeed in getting your inner expectations and societal desires meet or you might meet the fears that you had in your mind. It would be great if things go great and perfect but there is tstill a possibility that the step might not take you directly to what and where you have imagined to reach.

But all this while a big BUT is waiting up for ypu which means that even if you have failed, you definitely have moved a l'il closer to the goal than before. A l'il toward lessons of what went wrong in the first trial, of the things that could be improved, made better with efforts, with practice, with time and a l'il more research and understanding.

And the next time you'd be taking another step forward, no fears, no inhibitions and worldly ghosts will follow you. So, c'mon if not for victory, let's take that first step forward with a hope to learn lessons. Lessons that eventually make us better. Better in a way that things will start to fall in place soon. So, soon that the goal will finally become the reality. A reality which happened due to that very FIRST STEP.

Let's get, set, go!


  1. True that. First: Make a plan.
    Second: Make that shit happen. :)
    Wonderful piece, yet again!

    1. Wonderful you, forever! ❤️

      -The one who finally is finding peace with reading.