Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Suddenly, one day!

Suddenly, one day you realize your value in their eyes. Worthless it is! A sudden moment of realization where the thought of being taken for granted cross your mind and all the past behaviors start to fall in place. The moment when you realize that what you considered important or prioritized over others don't even understand the value of the time, feelings you invested in them. And, all those years of turmoil, dedication seemed worthless. Your worth becomes worthless in your own eyes. And, it happens in a fraction of a second, a second that helps you clear the thin layer of assumptions that you have formed over the years.

But life and people have strange ways of dealing with people, you see. I too have my own ways.

So, one day, I'll disappear.

I'll walk away from you, to never walk back ever again in your life. I'll find a new road, a new destination, and you, you will no longer be my home from that day. I know, that's unreasonable, I know, that's almost next to impossible, but I will, for myself.

I will, not because I'm tired of being with you, but because I'm tired of being the only one there. I knew I was strong, I always have been.

For you, I was a path. A path you traveled down, occasionally, at times when you were stressed or wished to confide, but for me, you were home, and I wonder if I'm even ready to change my address yet. It's like I kept looking for you wherever I have been, but you know what's more tragic? You were never there.

This has been a journey I don't wish to live again. Being with you, I might have had the best moments of my life, but some of the most painful moments of life were gifted by you too. Knowing that you'll always take me for granted over others, it hurts. And, it always will. You know, I understand the importance of priorities, I understand that I am not your priority but being taken for granted. Really?

Don't you worry, this won't be any different, this will not be something anew. You've always been that someone, the one who took me for granted.

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