Monday, 18 September 2017

Is it love?

Do you know what love is?
Do you or do you?
Love is not just about the butterflies you feel in your heart whenever you look at your someone special.
Love is falling for the right person at the wrong time. Love is saying 'control yourself' to your heart even when it didn't want to. Love is about knowing that the one you love can never be yours. Love is about understanding that the one you love doesn't love you back. Love is about loving someone even after they are gone long back. Love is about loving the one your love is in love with. Love is controlling your jaw dropping down when that 'one' looks extremely hot and you have to control your hormones by saying, 'Oh! You look good.'

Just good? Really?

Love is about explaining yourself every single night, 'Aree, it's not love. It's just a crush.' but still keep wetting your pillow with those never ending tears. Love is when you forget to remove your make up and gift it to your bedsheet every night after rubbing your eyes million of times while you can't sleep.
Love is when you keep reminding yourself, 'Dude, you are screwed'.

Have you ever felt that weakness, weakness when you no longer stay in the world that you are in?
Have you ever entered your kitchen for a glass of water but stood up there for like 15 minutes with a spatulla and a plate in both hands thinking why you were there?
Have you ever waited for 11 PM so that you could say good night to everyone and then cry yourself to sleep?
Have you ever tried hard to control your tears back just because you know you can't let everyone know what you are going through?
Have you ever felt that weak that you being completely, perfectly, medically fit couldn't find it easy to stand on your feet because something inside is weakning you?

If you are happy in love, don't worry, it is love indeed.
But if you are not happy and you still can't hold back loving someone, it is definitely LOVE.

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