Sunday, 1 October 2017

Happy endings!

Do you believe in happy endings? Well, I don't. I don't believe that there's anything like 'happy endings'. And, even if it exists for you, I don't believe in it.

Nothing ends happily leaving smiling people behind. Not even the ultimate ending of human existence - Death!


I rather believe in happy middles. The moments of happiness are experienced always in the middle. You fell for the person of your dreams in the middle of your story, you marry the love of your life in the middle of your story, you become the CEO of your company in the middle, you will give birth to beautiful kids in the middle, you will buy your dream car, house, everything in the middle, trust me when I say everything, it will all be yours in the middle.


So, I believe in happy middles.

No one will cherish the moment if you win the world championship on the day of your death but will certainly mourn that moment.


This is why, I am against this philosophy of happy endings.

I believe in happy beginnings and happy middles. ❤

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