Thursday, 2 June 2016

Book review: Song of a Flying Sparrow

Song of a flying sparrow
-By Rajeev Pundir


Song of a flying sparrow is the story of Chiya, a girl who had no interest in the wealth she has got and the status she holds in the society. 

It is the story of the secret of her life and birth. 

It is the story of her bonding with a totally different girl cum best friend Chanda. 

It is Chiya’s story, her story of love, emotions, ambitions, greed, relationships and secrets. 

Delve deep into this book to be a part of Chiya’s life.

The story starts with a perfect pace and slowly unfolds each and every aspects of Chiya’s life. Talking about the literary technicalities, the story is well narrated in the starting. The character of Chiya is described well. Language is kept simple which is good. The use of literary comparisons and metaphors added a quite interesting appeal to the story. The cover of the book is well thought and combines the imagination of author with the chief character.
Some of the best and well written parts of the story was the book’s starting, first meeting of Chiya with Prof. Shekhar and Rini’s illness along with the final outcome of her illness. The story doesn’t targets any specific audience but girls with rich backgrounds with a zeal to make their own identity in the society will connect with it more.

In the shadow of Chiya’s character, all the other characters were not given the importance they deserved. Excessive comparisons in the ending chapters created a negative impact and the story could have been ended in a much better way. Also, the story lacked an emotional appeal in the ending which was very much required.

Final outcome:
Keeping aside the positive and negative aspects of the book, the most important thing is whether the book was successful in binding its readers with it till the very ending or not and Song of a Flying Sparrow is definitely successful in this objective. The maturity with which the story is written shows the expertise the author have. 

It was interesting to find out that Chiya ultimately was successful in completing the aim she desires i.e. to find the truth of her existence. Also, to know the story of Chiya’s companion in need and best friend Chanda, the reader’s would definitely take some time out to read the upcoming sequel. All the best for that to Mr. Rajeev Pundir.

Final Rating:
Book Cover and Title: 2+1.5= 3.5/5
Plot, language and Literature: 3/5
Character Justification: 2/5
Final Rating: 3/5


  1. Thanx a lot Mani for giving your valuable time to read my book and to explain in a justified way everything contained into the book.
    The sequel will take up Chanda's character and life. Wait!😃

    1. Your most welcome.
      Will be waiting to read its sequel.
      keep writing. Keep smiling Kep shining!