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Book Review: You Promised You will

You Promised You Will
-By Nisha Sharma


Niharika and Akshat met via a formal meeting for arrange marriage planned by their families. This meeting gives rise to a seed in their hearts which over the period of time converts into true love. On the other hand, their marriage meetings were put on a halt by their families to match their birth charts. 

Time passes, they grow fonder of each other but Akshat had a feeling that they might not get married with each other since their birth charts didn't matched. Both of them knew this thing, but still decided to continue their relationship knowing that their love for each other will not affected by such things. Much in love, both of them make promises to each other to be there for each other forever.

What destiny has in store for both of them?

Will they have a future together?

Will they keep their promises to be there for each other forever?

What lead Niharika into the trauma center?

What is the role of the famous song ‘Hum tere bin ab reh nai skte....' in their lives?


Read this heart-breaking tale on unconditional loves and promises to get all the answers.

My Opinion


Being a debut author, it was a wonderful effort by Nisha in penning this emotional tale of love. The way with which she had written down the emotional parts of the book will connect you instantly with it. Narration and Language is kept simple and sweet. The book will be liked by those who like emotional love stories irrespective of their age. Not many characters are added and those who are presented are justified in a fine manner. A proper amount of words and literature is used in defining the feelings of the characters. 

Book cover and title matches well with the story.


The book started a bit slow but a proper pace is maintained after first half. Some not so important incidences are given importance which seemed out of the story. Also, the typos and presence of grammatical errors left a negative impact.

My take on the book:

The book defines new definitions of love, unconditional love which doesn't expect anything from the other one.

Though on a practical note I felt that at some points how would Niharika maintain her promises after all what she faced in her relation, but that actually what true love is all about. It doesn't complaints nor make any demands, It just stays forever irrespective of the differences between the loved ones.

A wonderful ending with a love-lesson made the book a pleasing reading experience.

Pick this book if you ever fell in love, pick this up if you wish to fell in an unconditional love relation and learn the value and expressions of love from this 'Thankful goodbye’.


“This is not a love story; this is a thankful goodbye. I am thankful that he came into my life and gave me joy, love and accepted my love. But most of all, I thank him for making me believe that one day, I would eventually let him go.”    - Niharika

Final Ratings:

Title cover: 4/5

Character justification: 3/5

Story, Language, literature: 3.5/5

Final Rating: 3.5/5

To know her journey and much more about her. Read my interview with her.
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  1. The very First Book by Ms. Nisha Sharma is still very much appreciable. If first books final review are 3.5/5 then the next lot of stories will contain more promising and full of impact words from her end.

    1. Yes, I too have high hopes from her upcoming books now.

      keep writing
      Keep smiling..!!

    2. Thanks Sumit & Mani for your appreciation and motivation :)

  2. the way you have posted. it seems everything is done by nisha sharma.
    i think you must change it as

    You promised you will
    a book by Nisha Sharma instead

    book review you promised you will
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    1. I have written

      You promised you will
      - By Nisha Sharma

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      Also, after the post end "Posted by Mani Khanna" is clearly mentioned.

      PS: not understanding what you want to say? @kamal Paneru