Wednesday, 7 October 2015

I Will Not regret Losing You - Book Review

I Will Not Regret Losing You
-By Abhishek Agrawal


This is Aratya's flashback story which he is reciting for his college friends at his home's terrace. Aratya is a fun loving guy and a person with principles and values. His life takes a sudden turn when he fall in love with a girl named Rithima. Both were serious about each other but a misunderstanding threw them apart.

Time passes and he overcome her unfaithfulness with the help of his brother-like friends Gaurav and Rohit and start believing ' Love last for some-time but friendship lasts forever'. In between he met a girl online who eventually falls in love with him. Though he never loved her but always cared about her as a friend. She proposed him but he asked for some time.

What is there for them in future?

Will he ever fell in love with her?

What lessons will he eventually learn from his beliefs about love and friendship?

Read Aratya's teenage journey and the lessons he learnt about love, friendship and life.

My Opinion:


A nice speed is maintained from the very starting which doesn't bore you. The author has described some friendly moments in an effective manner and written all the dialogues between friends nicely. All the characters penned are justified properly. Language was kept simple. To add, title seemed a bit out of track in the beginning but as the book ended it suited well with the book (so it’s a plus point). Since this book is male-centric, young boys and teen agers will love reading it.


Targeting youngsters, the book will not be much admired by middle aged people. Spelling errors, typos and grammar errors were found and created a negative shadow on the book. Book cover was not at all attractive or content related. Also, absence of literature in the required areas could have been avoided.

My Take on the story:

Though the book is targeted at teenagers, it clearly highlights one aspect about youngsters which is "Friends at a stage in life become more important than parents". In an age it happens that we feel friends are most important, they are always right, but the biggest truth is that, no matter how good your friends are, your parents still are ‘your parents’. Moreover, misunderstandings are one of the major reasons behind broken relations. We should at least give one chance to people to explain themselves rather than creating false understanding about situations.

Final Rating:

Title / Cover: 2.75 /5

Character justification: 3.5/5

Story, Language, literature: 2.25/5

Final Rating: 2.75

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