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Dream. Act. Live - This is Nisha's secret of life ( An Interview Session with her)

I am passionate about living each and every second of my life to the fullest. I am passionate about finding happiness around. 
-Nisha Sharma 

There are very few people in this world who believe in living their life to the fullest and pursue their passions in life. Nisha Sharma, author of You Promised You Will is one such person I came across while reviewing her debut novel. On asking to have a sneak peak about her background and family, she quoted, “Hey, thanks for having me here. I am a Company Secretary by profession and I believe a visionary at heart. Currently I am working with an MNC in Gurgaon itself which is fortunately my hometown. I come from an army background and have been brought up in a disciplined yet healthy environment. I started writing at a very small age, well I don’t remember since when but my near and dear ones have told me that my poetries used to embellish the corners of Hindi newspapers. Now I love writing about emotions, social issues and areas related to my work and looking forward to bring more maturity in my writing skills. I generally pen down at In addition to this I do write on topics related to my field on websites like CAclubindia, onlinelawsolutions etc. and on the blog page of my company’s website where I work.” 

To know more about her and the journey of her book, I had an interview session with her. Here is the chit-chat that followed: 

1. When and how did you decide to pen down a novel?

It was June, 2014 when I got an idea of writing this sweet love story and started plotting the characters of the story. Further my confidence boosted when I got a first prize on one of my short story in the same genre i.e. romance. I felt that the short story should come out as a whole novel and hence I decided to pen down this love story. 

2. Do you read? If yes, which genre do you prefer reading? 

Yes, I love reading about new start-ups which is my area of core interest these days. Talking about novels, I love reading romance (mills & boons) and self – motivating stuffs. Horror and thrillers also excites me a lot. So in short I would say, reading is my hobby and for me a good day starts with a good book. 

3. What are your other passions in life? 

I am passionate about living each and every second of my life to the fullest. I am passionate about finding happiness around me. Apart from reading and writing I love finding out new places to eat and click. I am passionate about learning new skills, be it playing a new game or a new subject related to my field. Oratory and drama is something which is very close to my heart as I have been scripting dramas and participating in declamations throughout my school and college life. My friends used to tease me in college while saying that stage is my second home which is true in literal sense I guess. I enjoy watching good and sensible movies as well which brings meaning to my life. 

4. How did you react when you saw the first copy of your novel? 

The feeling is inexplicable. Truly speaking I felt like carrying a small baby in my hand for the first time. The feeling was just out of the world when I felt that the book belongs to me. I was jumping here and there out of excitement in the office itself. And then I recalled my favorite phrase of my life that there is lot more to come in futureJ. That was a proud moment for me. 

5. Did you find it difficult to find publisher for your book? Would you like to share any of those experiences with us? 

Not actually. I tried two or three publishers before trying Omji Publishers but I was confident enough regarding my script so I did not lose hope. Omji Publishers approached me and after reading the synopsis, they were sure about publishing my book. I am happy that I got such responsible and cooperative publishers. 

6. Who is your inspiration? 

My parents certainly. They are the real heroes of my life. I believe I am the luckiest person in the whole world that I have got such supportive, loving and caring parents. I am blessed to have such beautiful souls in my life. Their attitude towards facing the challenges of life is just marvelous. My parents are my biggest strength and I always pray for their long life.

7. If you ever wish to write a genre different than Love, what will it be? 

It would certainly be about the empowered women of the society and the challenges they face behind the scene. Apart from this there is a beautiful concept of penning down the misery of both men and women in this society and the discriminatory drama which we generally face where sometimes a man wins and sometimes a woman. This idea itself is very exciting and humorous for me but I really need to work on it what I am willing to do in the coming future. 

8. Any message or tips for aspiring writers? 

Just write what you feel from the heart because if it is from your heart it will definitely touch the hearts of your readers. Be yourself and present your genuine thoughts in your writing because for authors their write-ups are their faces which represent them. So present yourself gracefully J 

9. If you ever get a chance to write your autobiography. Will you write it? If yes what will be its last line? 

Well, this question has inspired me to think about writing an autobiography. But some of my friends are willing to write about me so I leave upon them J Jokes apart, if I get a chance to write an autobiography, my last lines would be: 

Life is too short to do big things in life. Don’t wait for tomorrow, do it now!! 


Yes, Life is indeed too short to do all the big things we dream of and we must start working on them ‘right now’ to satisfy our inner souls. With this, I ended my interview session with her in a hope to read her upcoming novels in future. 

All the best to you Nisha. May you see the light and have the power to pursue your dreams forever. 

Interviewed by 

Mani Khana 

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