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The Outlander- Book Review

The Outlander
-By Abhijit Handar


Focusing specifically on war and how an empire rise and the other falls with it, ‘The Outlander’ is the first part of the ‘The God Trilogy’ series. 

The book is divided into two parts, First part of the book describes a war that is taking place between The Gods and The Wales. The Gods being the weaker side have very little hopes of winning the battle but their hopes takes a new turn when Roin, the central character of the book enters the war with one of the powerful weapons, The Stalwart. This might weapon is thought to be forged with a soul by alchemy and was the major source that helps The Gods to run away from the battle field. 

Part two starts with their journey towards the Frozen Kingdom to take parts in the Frozen Games which if won will gift them the most powerful weapon. In between their journey, they take a halt at the city of Kurmime, where they practice for the upcoming games at the Frozen kingdom. In between this practice, Roin met the starlight of his life and fell in love with her at the very first sight. While having the final practice, he met a stranger who told him that he is an Outlander. 

What does an Outlander means? 

What are the questions that Roin needs to find answers for? 

Will he be able to commit his love to his Starlight? 

What is the significance of Memeron Crystal in his life? 

To get all these answers, get on this bumpy adventurous ride of The God Trilogy’s first book, The Outlander. 

My Opinion:


The way Abhijit has penned a fantasy world is extremely commendable since his immature age is nowhere reflected in his imagination.

A nice vocabulary is been used by the author which will at a point force you to pick up the dictionary to get some meanings along with a proper literature to define each and every aspect of the book. Story was started aptly and is narrated in a nice manner. Too many characters are added to the book and a perfect history with a map is given in the beginning for the simpler understanding about the kingdom that the book talks about. The title also suits the story well.

The way love and feminine beauty, feelings of a king while war and the countrymen who are risking their lives during a war are stated wonderfully. Targeting people who like reading fantasy novels, the book will be more liked by boys as compared to girls who seek lovy-dovy aspects in a novel.


Al some places, readers will get confused that who is talking to whom as the dialogue writing lacks clarity (at some places only). Repetition of same sentences and words at multiple places also creates a negative impact.

The other factor that has earned the book a negative remark is the editing and grammar since they are a companion of the book. The publisher could have edited the book a bit properly. Thought the title is perfectly thought, the cover is dull and is not attractive.

My take on the story:

Writing love and other fiction genres are still something, experiences of which we can have from our surroundings and life. But writing a Fantasy story is something out of the box. Hats off to the author for a wonderful imagination and creating a different world altogether for his readers. Some of my favorite quotes from the book include:

“He thought that how fearful life can be, the minds can be fearless. The life can be fought, fought every time when it demands to be fought. That………..…adversities of life”


"Try to make peace with your past so that it never spoils your present."

To conclude, this s indeed a sumptuously adventurous journey. So if you love reading action and adventure, If you love fantasy, If you wish to known the hidden secrets associated with the Outlandish race. Get on this roller coaster ride and experience it all.

Final Rating

Book Cover and Title: 3/5

Plot, language and Literature: 3.5/5

Character Justification: 3.5/5

Final Rating: 3.25/5

To know Abhijit's journey of writing this book and understanding his passion at the age of 15, I had an interview session with him. Read the complete interview here

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