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Review : Paradise Lost & Regained

Paradise Lost & Regained
-By Ratnadip Acharya

(A special thanks to Ratnadip Acharya for the signed review copy)


This is a story-narration by a deer detailing all the adventures and experienced of her life.

Her mother knew that she was the chosen one right from the day she was born and decided to make her own efforts for her first walk. Her out-of-her-breed interests of observing things deeply makes her stand out in that herd of deer. But then one day, she witnesses her mothers’ death followed by their herd getting trapped by the zoo authorities. What will happen next?

Will she ever be able to get out of that zoo?

How will she prove that she was the “chosen one”?

What lies in surprise in reading this deer’s tale?

Get on this drive to know all the answers and to learn some of the most beautiful lessons of life.

My Opinion:


The first impression of a book is formed from its title, cover and blurb, which were perfect. The reader might not be able to get what the author want to describe with this title, but once someone will finish with this book, they will realize that nothing much better could be used as its title. Book cover is also excellent and is linked completely to the content present in the book. But the best part from all the three mentioned above was the blurb. No one could write a better blurb than this one for this book. The poetry/blurb will arouse a curiosity in the minds of the readers which will force them to read this book as soon as possible.

After that, the narration is brilliant and is capable of creating perfect visualization in the minds of its readers. One can actually imagine themselves as a deer and can feel all the adventures and lessons she goes through.

Starting of each and every chapter with different quotes was lovely which summarizes the content available in the coming chapter in lesser words (Quote selection is also excellent).

Though the story is written about the life and adventures of a deer, it connects with the life of humans in a brilliant manner thus bridging the gap of questions which might get evolved in readers’ minds while reading this book.

Last but not the least, proper character justification, presence of appropriate quantity of literature and simple language made this book an admirable reading experience. Also, his ability to give life to even the non-living things has created a wonderful impact on the readers.


The only shortcoming that could be concluded after finishing the book is an over detailed description of some events. Besides that, I found some priority issue on the incidences, some not-so- importance scenes are descriptively described and some important scenes are finished precisely. 

Read this wonderful tale of a deer’s journey to learn some beautiful and important lessons and absorb some impeccable ideas about life.

My take on the book:

Besides narrating a wonderful story as many may conclude, the book has taught me a wonderful lesson that life is not a task to finish off being safe till the end, besides, it is an adventurous journey that is meant to be lived, learned from, by taking all the possible risks.

The author has quoted a wonderful phrase, “You see the things that exist in front of you and ask 'why' and I dream of things that don’t exist and ask 'why not'.", which were actually magical. Why do we live in a way others want us to be? Why we follow are living guidelines and standards set by our ancestors? Why not we discover our own path to live our life to the fullest? I am sure once you will complete this book, you will be surrounded by multiple questions that will make you sit back and think.


It is that no destruction on earth can be the end of life. Rather each massive destruction is a harbinger of a new beginning of lives.” 

The moment that may seem to be the ending always moves forward towards the birth of a new life. It shows the perceptions we have made about life death and risks. What we conclude as an end could also be viewed as a new beginning.

Death – a phase of life which is fixed and could not be ignored yet we don’t feel comfortable to discuss it, share it with our loved ones. This deer has taught us that we must not leave any chance to share it to bring them out of the fears ‘death’ is surrounded with.

I sometimes wonder that we humans are fools - we cry while a soul left its body to get combined with the universal energy which is a blissful moment but enjoy the moment when a child is born coming out from hours of dedicated, painful efforts from his/her mother’s womb.


Hatred should not be accumulated within, but must be let go to live a peaceful life because only by letting things go, we'll be able to focus on other beautiful aspects of life.


Like those deer in the zoo, we humans also believe that by living in a safe and protective fencing and care of our loved ones, we are having the best time of life and forget that it was not what we were meant to do. We adapt ourselves so much with our day to day jobs, monotonous routines, responsibilities, gossips, feelings of hatred, envy, jealousy and much more being in the safe zone that we forget that we must get out to explore the secrets that are deep buried somewhere under the soil of our “safe-zone”.

Another aspect dealt wonderfully is the basic human attitude that they stand against any new thought (that the deer taught others that life outside zoo has much more to learn, to grow, to enjoy and to cherish) and quoted, “Whenever you endeavor to do something unusual in which your fellow mates and elders have already failed to succeed or never had the courage to take up he challenge, they would invariably discourage and frustrate you to pursue your goal.

People will conspire against you and criticize you but you must not deviate from your path, you must make that last effort of teaching them the trust but after that, let them decide for their own selves because nothing happens in this world without universes' consent in it.


Apart from teaching us brilliant lessons this book has created a commendable vision and visual appeal. It is easy to read human-centric stories and relate to them but to imagine yourself as a deer and living like that till you finish this book was a tough task which was effortlessly completed by Ratnadip.

Final Rating:

Book Cover: 3.75/5

Plot, language and Literature: 4/5

Character Justification: 5/5

Final Rating: 4.25/5

TIP: Read this book slowly to absorb all the lessons and experiences the book has in store for you.

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