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Review: One Tequila, 2 Tequilas…

One Tequila, 2 Tequilas…
-By Supriya Parulekar

A special thanks to Supriya for the signed review copy. ^_^


The story is written in a flashback form where Kosha’s daughter is reading her mother’s story. 

Carefree, tequila-loving and a photographer by profession, Kosha runs away from her own engagement with the support of her chirpy and fun-loving best friend Tanu leaving her would-be fiance Harsh in the altar. Due to some bad indents of her life, she never believed in love and accepts Tanu’s words that life is a Kamini cheez. Then there is Siddharth, loving caring, simple and sweet guy, cousin of Harsh who assures him to bring back kosha in his life. But destiny has decided something else for them. In between this simple tale, lies some wicked villians who are bringing multiple problems in everyone's’ lives. 

Who are these villains and what are their objectives?

Will Siddharth be able to bring Kosha back in Harsh’s life?

What is there in Kosha’s sad past?

Will Kosha ever fall in love?

What role will her favorite drink tequila play in her life?

Will Kosha’s daughter read her mother’s love story, a story of her bad past or the story of the way she used to elope from her wedding and engagement functions?

Take a sip of this tangy, magnificent, drama-filled, lovely tequila to get all the answers!!

My Opinion:


One of the first things that attract a reader towards the book is its title and I must say that the title Supriya has chosen for her book is extremely eye catchy and is completely in sync with the story. Next is the cover which suits the story and content pretty well. 

Apart from these some of the highlights of the story include the dialogue and chit-chat between best friends Kosha and Tanu. One could actually connect to them because of the way they talk and behave with each other. Also, the way in which tipsy Kosha behaved in the entire story is well written. The character of Kosha is wonderfully defined and narration is kept simple and sweet. Further, the ending with Kosha’s daughter in Ladhak and her tequila moment gave a cute touch to the book.

The story is written in Karan Johar style and if made into a film will actually turn into a blockbuster. Also, this 176 page journey becomes a quick and refreshing read once someone starts reading it.


As a coin has two sides, this book has some shortcomings as well. In the shadow of Kosha’s character, other characters are not justified properly. Besides this, some of the past facts reveled in the story are repeated unnecessarily creating a negative effect (story behind Mita’s death). The story is also a bit predictable in the ending. Besides this, the story of Kosha (read by Samiera) should have been written in first person format since it was written in a diary-story manner.

Final Opinion:

A quick read, One Tequila, 2 Tequilas… will imbibe its readers into it right from the moment they will start reading it. Targeting young, adult and middle aged people, this is a refreshing reading experience for those who are tired of reading lengthy, self-help books. Also, it has shown a wonderful bond of friendship with the incidences of Tanu and Kosha's chats and giggles, a wicked side of Nalini and her son and effectyively depicted the message that truth always wins over the wicked ones.

Grab this book and dive into a glass full of intoxicating tequila and trust me this will indeed prove to be a refreshing experience for you..!!!

Final Rating:

Book Cover and Title: 3.5/5

Plot, language and Literature: 3/5

Character Justification: 2.75/5

Final Rating: 3/5

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