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Review: From Where I See

From Where I See
- By Dr. Ajay Yadav

A special thanks to Ajay Yadav for the review copy)

The story starts with the interrogation of Ajay (the protagonist) by the Police Inspector of Gurgaon Police Station because of the death of his childhood friend Shruti. One side where Police and her Husband think that she committed suicide, Ajay, knowing his friend deeply is not accepting that she can commit suicide. Detailing the weak-marriage story of Shruti and the problems she faced in her life along with the Historical aspects of deep buried subjects of International and National Policies, Wars, History of Religion and India’s Independence struggle are penned in this book.

But what actually happened to Shruti?

Was she murdered or did she commit suicide?

If suicide then why?

If murdered than who is her murderer?

(From Ajay's point of view) Not whom, but what killed her?

To find all the answers along with some other unknown and ignorant answers about the world and humanity, do grab a copy of the book and have a sail through it.

My Opinion


‘From Where I see’ is not just a story; it’s a journey towards a revolution, a journey towards unlocking all the answers behind the conflicts that we as in 'Humans' face in our lives. Right from the history of India, International Politics, History of Religion, Kashmir, Partition of India, relationships, marriage, sex, human mentalities, the one sided views we have formed about all these aspects and the actual realities behind these is discussed with perfect precision. Woven together with a thread simple story with an essence of thrill, this is a wonderful contribution by his side in the world of Literature. Keeping the language simple and narration precise in the form of dialogues and discussions, Ajay has done a fabulous job in informing his readers about the root cause, historical aspects and perspectives of people about some simple issues.

Talking about the technicalities, I will praise the author for not adding too many characters in the book to keep it simple and to give more importance to the message he wished to emit. Scene to scene transition, dialogue writing between the protagonist Ajay and the police inspector is well written which shows excellent imagination skills of the writer. Moreover, his ability to discuss bold topics in decent words has shown his maturity in writing. Also, an extra plus point for the book cover and the title as they completely suits the content present in the book. Some of the best parts from the book (according to me):

  • The conversation between the Police Inspector and Ajay during the beginning, especially the dialogues written for the Police Inspector are wonderfully planned and penned.
  • It is too each to comment on others without understanding their problems. It is too easy to talk of Idealism without realizing the ground realities.
  • No bill, law or chastisement can bring a radical change as our inner conscience can.
  • Tomorrow is no different from today, only the nature of problems change.
  • Majority of us follow the easy path “believe in whatever is told, take it as it as served on our platter, why make an effort to find out the truth.”

One more thing I would like to mention is the reference list mentioned at the end as I believe that the research he has done for this book is extremely commendable. A special Thank You for the coin’s other side that you have shown in this book.


Readers who will pick this book to read story-content will stop reading the book in mid because of the addition of historical facts and well explained analysis given by the author on all the subjects mentioned in it. Besides this, the story ends a bit fast in the end. Some of the details about Vijay Joseph and his re-entry into Shruti’s life could have added an extra point to his story.  

Final Opinion:

The other fact is that Ajay wanted to give more importance to the other side of the book i.e. his perspectives and the truths behind the facts we have been learning since childhood. And he is completely successful in his aim.
Thus all the above mentioned weaknesses are only for those who expect some chirpy gossip/masala thrill from him.

 An excellent and different journey indeed!

Final Rating:

Book Cover : 5/5
Language and Literature: 4/5
Plot(Story): 3.5/5
Character Justification: 4

Final Rating: 4/5

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