Friday, 19 July 2013

I miss SOMEONE...!!

Back to blog after about one and a half month. My life went through a lot in between these 1 and a half months. Stress ,confusions, career , decions, numbness, dis-belief and what not. I almost went through all of this during a cource of this short time.
Starting from something bad, yeah very very bad i would say is the loss of my grandfather. It hurts a lot when u see people leaving you for your whole life to live without them, but it hurts even more when you saw a person who went happily with all your love and blessing and never returned, when you don't know where he is and whether he is alive or........
Its been more than a month that my grand father got missing during Kedarnath floods. No information, no contacts. we doesn't know whether to cry or to still live with a hope in heart that he will return one day...
Some lines whole-heartedly dedicated to him::::

beh gaya pura jan jeevan..
na nath ko chu kuch paya tha..
kara gae ehsaas ishwar ..
ki na le meri jagah aee insaan..
me hi hu jo tuje is dharti pe laaya tha.....

jab paththar tukde tukde hokar
baras rahe the aasman se..
paani bhara tufaan se..
todta gaya har ek kinara..
le chapet me tuje muje..
na madad mili na ishwar ka sahara..

vo manzar bhul na paya veh..
jo baith ishwar k mandir mein..
apna ant dekhkar aaya hai..

bhakt vo kuch kam the shayad..
bheege nayano ke jo beech baad se
vapas naa aa paye hai.......!!!!!


Today was a good day, I got an opportunity to intern at one of the finest news agencies IANS. but in the midst of this happines, i miss telling him about that. i wish whereever he is he is happy.
Happiness is more happier when you have your loved ones to share it along with you. From your railway time table to giving me the change for 500 hundred rupee notes. I miss every l'il thing about

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