Thursday, 6 June 2013

Numb Mind...!!

That day I was coming from an orphanage eafter donating some food and packed biscuits to the kids out there.Generally it is not allowed to meet the kids in any time of the day, They have fixed hours( RULES). That day I somehow went there in between those tymings. I handed over the thigs that I took there to the nun and she asked me if I want to meet the kids, I with our even thinking for a second, said Yes. Went upstairs with a working staff member. I was directed to the place or you can say a common hall where the kids from an average age of 6 months to 16 were sitting and playing together. Don’t know if there were any more grown ups there. I saw those kids, a part of my mind was numb at that time. I was looking at every child with a blank mind.
I didn’t spoke a word to any of them and the other second a girl of nearly 4-5 years of age came running towards me, eyes sparkeling, hair short, complexion wheetish. I don’t know what made me to bend on my knees and shake hands with her. I touched her cheeks , she smiled at me and I felt as if I got my sences back after that firm touch. I didn’t realized what happened to me in between those 10 – 12 seconds but I turned around said bye to that girl and start moving back toward my home. I had goosebumps while I was returning back home. It was may be because I was thinking that I have such a great, comfortable and amazing life as compared to them and I still keep on complaining on every l’il thing. I complaint if don’t get a dish( I like) for dinner, I complaint if I don’t get a dress on the spot when I saw that, I even complaint my parents that they don’t love me when they don’t fulfill or listen to my wishes or demands.
I the years of this comfortable life we forgot to  to realize that we are lucky enough to own such great things. While I kept craving for latest dresses , the next fashion trend and junk food every next day. What they only desire is a handful of love?
They dream of having what I always took forgranted and may be that’s why I was numb when I saw those 40 sparkeling eyes looking at me as I entered. Tears would have definitely rolled out of my eyes if I would have stopped there for more than a minute.
That day I realized that in the race of being the best, being wealthier and following the trend, we often forgot to live those small special moments and emotions which are actually a dream of somebody’s life.

- Mani Khanna..:)


  1. It was such a touching post! With such meetings, the demands of our lives become unnecessary and we realise that we are rich enough!
    And BTW what's those things at the end?

    1. "those things at the end" are now incorporated into this article in the form of a picture, actually the font format was not supported by blogger thats why you were not able read it..:)
      keep writing..:)

  2. Very nice Post. . . Love and Humanity is missing from our So called modern lifestyle and we unending demands. . .

    1. yes thats true..!
      thanks and keep writing..:)

  3. Great post!
    Anyway,interesting blog and hope to see more posts.
    We've followed your blog and hope you would visit ours too!


  4. thats some self realization there... i guess all of us go through such moments...and it s good to go through such a phase in our lives...

  5. Sometimes we take for granted all that we have. Only when we come across situations like this are we reminded that we should be grateful for everything.

    Great post!

  6. touching post... beautifully written
    keep writing!!