Wednesday, 10 April 2013

You won't Believe

Part 17#

Four years passed and my parents shifted there too after my dad’s retirement(in my second year there).
In between these three years I was changed( I don’t hate her now and I would love to share the reason behind this NO MORE HATRED). You wont believe But..

Shreya was a simple carrier oriented girl , a resident of
 Bangalore by birth. Though she was the one who initiated it everytime( Propose or Friendship) but I could proudly say that I found a best person in her. She too was the one who helped me came out of “ASH-Past” . I don’t how how she convinced me but I felt like believeing her in whatever she said and that’s when I realized that love is beautiful and may be Ash too wanted to enjoy this feeling some 4 years back “Alone”. But one thing I always hated was when someone used to tell me to call her. I mean I don’t wanted to do this , But she somehow managed to agree me on the promise me and Ash made to ourself (NO MATTER WHEREEVER WE WERE , WE’LL SURELY MEET ON OUR 25TH BIRTHDAY) I didn’t celebrated my birthday in those years and spent those four birthdays alone in a room with her photographs( Shreya understood me and never forced me to celebrate it, But The second Big promise I made is to her: I will start celebrating it if I found my Ash back on my birthday)…J

My and Shreya’s family met each other several times and there were nothing like what all happens in Hindi movies( “Nahiiiiiii ye meri Bahu nahi bnegi” OR “YE shadi nahiiiii ho sakti” at
both of uss’ places) And we both decided to get married in my 26th year( By parents choice too).

Part 18 coming soon..!!
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  1. Thats' fast.
    Going on great. :)

    Arey, thoda filmy twist lana tha naa. :P #JustSaying

    1. Haha thanks..:D
      filmy twist b aega...keep writing..:)

  2. Hello Mani,
    I did the award post. Thank you so much once again.