Sunday, 7 April 2013

Why me?

#Part 16#
Three months passed in searching for the answer( Why me???) But then, I slowly got busy in my life, I used to think of these things but then I lacked tears because like previous times they fail to come out of my eyes. I didn’t made such great frinds but started talking to other boys out there( my room mates and other batchmates. Never went out to outing with them I covered myself with a pile of books because during those SAD DAYS I read it on goole that , “ BOOKS ARE OUR BEST FRINDS”, and “BOOKS- NO COMPLAINTS, NO DEMANDS”. And decided to live my life with books as my best friends.
I sometimes missed my mother a lot but because of those strict rules I nor anyone was allowed to go home before 10 months. So I used to talk her on phone whenever I missed her( in starting She used to ask me or sometimes force me to contact Ash but then she also moved from that because I used to insist her on not asking or talking about Ash with me).
More and more time passed , I got over with Ash rather I started ignoring my thoughts and memories where she used to shine bright.
People change and things go wrong..!!
Some will come and rest move on..!!
Night will end with its morning face on..!!
But the story of your life will go on and on………!!!

The end is just 4 parts away..;)
Guess the end And see whether you are right or wrong???
What will be the future of this friendship?
Will it end or Things will change....
keep Guessing & keep smiling!!!


  1. Is there any prize for the right guesses?

    1. nopes..hehe...:D
      I just want to see ur guessing power....:D
      keep writing...!!..:)

  2. following your story thoroughly and can't wait for the next parts. I just hope you write those parts within this week or else it will give me goosebumps :)

    1. Yup the story will finish in this week only..:)
      keep writing..:)

  3. with emotions and sentiments the story is going the right way...
    any award for the winning guess? :P

    1. Thanks...:)
      Umm yes A "Mind reader Award"...;)
      keep writing and keep smiling..!!