Saturday, 13 April 2013

Better Late Than Never

#Part 18#
June 2nd, doesn’t seems exciting naa…!!!

Ohks let me tell you whats soo exciting about this, Well I was going to turn 25 this year on 26th of june and so will Ash & it was the time to pack my bags for Dehradun.

I was very excited , don’t know whether she too was or not..i didn’t have an answer to that question and that’s why I had decided that no matter what happens I will solve everything with her on our birthday, We were equal friends and she had no right to end it like that, I agree that its pretty late for thinking such stuff but what the oldies say( “Der aaye Durust aaye” {“its better late than never”})

I was like planning all day and night with Shreya that I’ll fight with Ash and then tell her about you and me and all those stories that were my life here in Bangalore, I was desperate now to meet her again after 6 years and shreya was as much excited as I was Because Ash was always an imagination for her( I never showed Ash’s picture even to her :D )
 Days were passing like years and I was getting more excited with each passing day. I decided to take Shreya with me  so that both of them can meet each other. But her stupid boss didn’t allowed her to take leave ( Ahh!!! I badly hated him at that time  :@  Y bosses are like that always…L )
I wish these days pass soon and 21th comes soon as I was about to go there via  train  which will drop me at Dehradun on 24 Morning…!!!
I wish the this birthday passes as I planned and things go all the way decided and thought by me…J
But what will happen on 26th june??? Will the things between them solve or not??

Part 19 coming soon..:)
keep following..!!
keep smiling keep shining.!!


  1. Please don't keep us in suspense.
    Next episode,plz.:)

    1. Next part will come reallly soon...:)
      keep writing..:)

  2. Wonderful and obnoxious as well. I don't like it that you keep the reader hanging in the middle. And you promised to complete the story this week itself..:( I am not happy :( :( :( :(

    1. I am sory for this delay but this delay is due to an incident i wasn't able to post it..I hope u understand but i promise to finish it by this wednesday...!!