Saturday, 6 April 2013

Expectations Hurt

#Part 15#
These five days passed one by one I didn’t got a call from her. Though I kept waiting with my fingers crossed but it didn’t. She didn’t called me or contacted me.
Finally I decided to call her mother and told her to gave her the letter. Her mom asked me what was happening in between us(a mother can sence when her children aren’t happy and to me she was like a second mother), I said “Aunty u trust me na” please don’t ask this from me. She was an understanding lady ( she night have felt something and yet decided not to ask me, Asked about my well being or have a setteled there and then the call ended).
I was sure that this time she will call me. I kept waiting for the whole day, next day too because I can never think of it that Ash will be that rude. We have fought many times in the past(They weren’t this long enough), But yet I was sure of her.
To my surprise , she didn’t called for the next 15 days. Slowly and steadily I was loosing all the hopes of solving and clearing things with my bestest friend. I didn’t interacted much with other students there.
Loneliness surrounded me. I felt like I was loosing myself in this big world I found it tough to survive.
I wasn’t any more interested in living my childhood dream. I don’t wanted to make any more friends because may be I have lost my faith over friendship. In between all this I was touch with my mother and she senced my sadness and I had to tell her everything , She tried to console me and told me to call her but i don’t wanted to call her now(I was broken and didn’t have the courage of talking to the one who is the reason for all this)
For all those who says LOVE HURTS, I wanted to say , that it wasn’t love that was hurting But was FRIENDSHIP So instead of running away from love start running away from friendship(I wanted to tell this to every next best friends I saw in my campus, by shouting  loudly in their ears but…)
In between all this I sometimes thought of the reasons why she did that to me( I always thought of her happiness then why she did that with me but never found a good enough answer ever)

Part 16 coming soon..:)
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