Thursday, 4 April 2013

Time to say Good Bye...:'(


Days passed and my entrance results were also out( I cleared them too and now it was final that I’ll be leaving for Bangalore for my training, in a month) In between my 12th results and entrance result we met once since Viraj insisted me to give them a treat( Ash too was with him and they were pleading for a treat). I nodded and it happened. And in between came our b’day (Three of us celebrated it together, Ash was the first one to with me that day). That day passed without a single agument between both of us and we revised our old promise of meeting on 25th b’day outside CCD and I was a bit happy that night.

My parents were even more happier about my Navy selection and I was proud that atleast there are some who still love me and find happiness with me(though she called and congratulated me for that but that essence was missing which I used to found her in her voice before Viraj). During all this I never got to knew what Ash was feeling, weather she was aware that I got hurt by many of her behaviours or was she that busy in anjoying her life with Viraj that Raj got lost in her past memories. I knew nothing. I once asked her that she was about to tell her mom about her and Viraj after the result but she said “ I want to wait some more “ & then felt like nobody to interfere and advise her.

Days passed our arguments increased with the passing time and slowly we started to keep quiet while we were with each other and it was only Viraj who keep on speaking to both of us( I was confused , that weather Viraj was the reson for our separation or the reason that we still were together after some truly big arguments).

A month passed my call letter arrived which stated that I had to join in a week( 5th august in Bangalore training centre). I told this to Viraj and Ash on a telephonic conference and there reactions were,” itna jaldi, abhi to hmne admissions bhi nahi lie tu abhi chala jaega” and I said yup I had to.
After 2-3 day I met both of them to say a final good bye before I leave and I don’t know what happened to Ash as i don’t know from where  she took out a topic and started fighting with me badly( I broke our that day and finally cried in front of both of them without uttering a word and then left both of them and came back home.

On the day I was about to leave I went to Ash’s place handed a letter to her mom, stating  in it all what I felt in these 6 months and told her to hand over it to her after 5 days( I don’t know why I said her to wait for 5 days, may be because I wanted to give her some time to contact me on her own and talk to me about it herself).
I left.



  1. moments of pain and bye-bye can add extra masala to any story :P
    good going :)