Sunday, 14 April 2013

Happy birthday to Ash-Rajjo....!!!

Part 19#
24th morning, and my train was punchual in reaching Dehradun , Ohh I could feel this place( the place where I spent the 19 years of my crazy and wonderful life). As I walked down the stairs of the railway station my heart started to beat faster, I felt myself more closer to Ash.

As I was passing by the streets in the autorickshaw, I could see ME and Ash on the roads having fun together. Nostalgic was a perfect word to explain my feelings at that time and in the next Second I found  myself in the hotel that I have booked for myself. I slept the next 5 hours since it was very uncomfortable to sleep in the train( Those travelled might understand my feeling).

After waking up from that sound sleep, I spent  my time in buying gifts for her. I brought 25 gifts for her.
I didn’t even knew whether she is single or she got married in my absence( I was not sure about her and Viraj even…;) that whether they were still together or not ,Shhh it’s a secret pls don’t tell her!!) Gifts and Gifts and Gifts( she used to love them till I was here) was all I did on that day and in the interstices I kept  thinking,”what if she doesn’t even remember this promise” But each time I think about this  I slapped myself and said Don’t be nuts Raj( she definitely will remember this date).

25th morning, HAppyyy birthdayyyyy Ash and Rajjo…J I shouted loudly in my hotel room as I woke up , already woke up late (it was 10 in morning, too late for me), I spent a long time in getting ready and in deciding which shirt to wear, Though Shreya packed 2 brand new shirts with me to wear on this special day but I was dam confused and ended up wearing the blue one.

Got out of the hotel since we decided to meet at 2 in  the afternoon( The time we used to go at ccd during our schooldays, After school).  I brought some flowers and her favourite chocolate truffle cake from her favourite pastry shop and reached there before time. Each passing second was like supeerrr slow for me at that time and I was like, “why everything is moving in slow motion today???”, I waited there for the next 45 minutes when I saw a person like Viraj coming towards me( I looked at him again and recognized it was Viraj only) and whispered to myself , ahaan so they are still together( in a happy tone) But Ash was not visible anywhere. Viraj was carring a big paked gift in his hands and a bag with him, I thought it might be a prank of Ash to tease me before we met after 6 longg years. Kept looking here and there till Viraj came to me, He said hi and hugged me, wished me a very happy birthday and I was like Where’s Ash?

Part 20 coming tomorrow..:)
keep smiling keep shining..:)


  1. That's not fair.
    You keep postponing the good part.
    Waiting for the next part...

    1. Just 24 hours more...:)
      keep writing keep smiling..!!