Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Liebster Award...:)

2 awards in a month...yayyyy...:) happyyyy happyy happppyyyyy...:)

It is said that Liebster blog award is started in Germany and is used to highlight budding blogs or rather another way to acknowledge that they have done a good job. This is awarded to upcoming bloggers by fellow bloggers. It’s for blogs with 200 or less followers and so is a way to spread a word about budding blogs and get them more readers.


When you receive the award you must post 11 random facts about yourself.
Then you should answer 11 questions that the nominator has set for you.
Now it’s your turn to pass the award to 11 other deserving bloggers, linking them in your post and   ask them 11 questions.     
You are not allowed to nominate back the blog(s) who nominated you.
Visit their page and inform them about their nomination too.

Thank u soooo much Anjali for giving me this award..:)
keep smiling always..:)
So my answers are...::::
1. For you a perfect day means?
ans: seeing evryone happy around me..:)
2. Imagine you are writing a book, what will the subject of your book?
ans: it wil be: " i think i am mad, but thats ok" ;)
3. The the best thing you did in your life?
ans: topped my first semester, truly and actually it didn't made me that happier but that proud on the face of my parents actually made my day...:)
4. Something which you feel proud when you think of yourself?
ans: i am not that bad..i may sound like one sometimes but believe me i dont do things intentionally.:)
5. Your favorite author and book?
ans: J K Rowling..;)
though i have not read any of her novels but i have seen harry potter series many times and m sure that i will love the books too but truly speaking, the thickness of books dont allow me to read it...:D
i liked Ravinder singh for his novel I too had a love story...:)
6. What is the meaning of your name?
ans: Mani means Precious( tru to understand it via "naag-mani" since mani is a type of stone which is very precious.
7. That moment you want to relive?
ans: My CHILDHOOD...:)
8. If you had to describe your current feeling/mood with a song which one would that be?
ans: nostalgic..:)
9. The best gift you received till date?
ans: Laptop from my dearest sister..:)
10. Something which you learned recently?
ans: life is what u believe in, if u think its tough it will be like that and if u take it "lite" believe me, it will not feel heavier any longer...:)
11.If you were born again, what would you want to be?
ans: i am happy being me, so i'll be happy in getting born as me again..:D

And here comes my Nominations..:)
Nisha Gupta: Pink Pavements
Momina: everlasting words
Diksha sharma: The seasoned woman
Aitijya sarkar: A 17 year old speaking for billion teenagers
Sumukh Bansal: Gift of Silence
Deeps: Life is like that

congratulations..:) :)

My Questions to u all:
1. most embarrasng moment?
2. two wishes?
3. Dream job?
4. name one person who comes to your mind as i say:

5. Describe me in one word( whatever u think about me after reading my blog) ?
6. one person u wanted to meet dead or alive?
7. Friendship is?? (Define in your own words)
8. "A girl and a boy can be friends" yes or no justify with a reason..:)
9. best moment till date?
10.One thing u are afraid of?
And now the last one.....
11. One thing u dont like to share with people(not much close) ??

Congratulations to everyone again..i hope u'll like my questions and answer them..:)
keep smiling keep shining

PART 5: She was my best friend , she still is and will always be
coming soon
keep following..:)


  1. Congratulations on the much deserved award. :)

    Nice answers, btw.

    Take Care and keep writing.
    And let me say this : More such awards are yet to follow. :D

    1. Thank u...:)
      haha...:D i would love to recieve such awards...;)
      keep smiling..:)

  2. you are on a roll...getting awards after awards...
    keep going...
    and thanks for the one for me

    1. Thaank youuu...:)
      and ur welcm..must ans all the questions asked by me...:)
      keep smiling..:)

  3. Congratulations and thank you so much, Mani! I'll do the post as soon as I can! :)

    1. Thankss and congrats u too...:)
      i'll be waiting for ur answers..:)
      keep smiling momina..:)

  4. congrtzz.... i luvd the answers :) awesome