Sunday, 10 March 2013


So as Ash said , I finally agreed to meet Viraj(I prefer calling him Veeru in short).
It was 25th of December, Christmas day and after attending the school christmas function Ash dropped me to ccd, since she wanted me to meet him alone so that I could judge him better. I entered ccd, he was waiting for me there. I don’t know why he was feeling a bit shy that day ( we have alredy met several times before that). He was dressed in full formal clothes(I was feeling as if I was Ash’s father who went there to fix their wedding), I tried hard but finnly ended up laughing hard( he felt embarrassed) but then he joined me and we started with formal conversation , ie , how r u?, hows life going on?? And then slowly and steadily we reached the  topic for which we both were sitting there.

In the mean time we ordered 2 expresso coffee with grilled cheese sandwhiches and then both of us fought over the bill and I ended up paying it (I am gonna take this money from her only..:P).
I asked him, that long awaited question, why ash? And he said all that he wanted to say in one go..i laughed again and asked him if he prepared this question from home…???..:D   and asked him to answer in detail. 

He started by saying ,” I don’t know why she, but I feel good in her company and hates it when our tution ends and she has to go for her physics tutions, I love talking to her, I love sharing each and every even the minutest details of what I do with her. I love her when  she plays pranks with me, I love her when she fights with me, I love her when she calls me out with other funny names, I never felt like this before, we were friends from last three years but now I cant wait for weekends to end so that we could meet in the tution, day and night I am thinking about her, of what she might b doing every next moment, I try to answer to my family’s questions and conversations the way she might have done, there is no moment when she is out of my mind, I just wanted to talk to her everytime, and keep finding silly queries in maths so that I could call her and tell her how am I feeling. I didn’t understood what it was, and then my friends told me that I was felling in love with her, from the time my friends have told this to me , I am feeling even more happier , because I started feeling her more close to me, I wanted to spent my life with her, I want to give her all the happiness in the world. I wanted to be with her forever.I LOVE HER”

I didn’t expected all this from him, but he made it, Ash can never found a guy perfect than this one, I said to my self. I was a bit shocked to see his love for my her and then after talking for two and half hours we finnaly stood up to exit. Gave a formal hug to each other I took an autorickshaw for my home.
Siting in the rickshaw I messeged ash,” meeting over, will talk to you on this tomorrow phone battery too low byeee…) , I lied ,and then switched off my phone, I knew that she must be dying to know about what I felt meeting him and my opinion about him, she was very curious and I knew it…I was enjoying this…:D
For the whole day on 25th , I didn’t switched on my phone, she tried to call on my mom’s phone but I ‘ve alredy told my mom to tell her that I am sleeping if she calls her and ask for me..;)
And that day passed in her curiosity(she might have not slept the whole night but that’s ok, “everything is fair in love and war”, and this was something related to LOVE, I guessed.

part 5 coming soon...:)
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  1. Hmm, Nice.
    But I find it a little bit bad for her. Well, he could have said he needed time to come to a conclusion. #JustMyOpinion

    1. Actually the fun of teasing a friend is much better then making them relax sometimes..:D
      try this smtime u too will njoy this...;)
      btw opinions are always welcomed..:)
      keep following..:)

  2. Great workz yaa
    so here you go :) something exclusively for you

  3. one doubt, all the parts will have same title?

    the profile pict is really lovely

    1. Thank u..:)
      this is a gud idea the parts from nxt onwards will have different titles...:)
      till now i haven't had thought of this...:D
      keep smiling and thanks for the idea..:)