Friday, 3 August 2012

Strange thoughts

Strange things comes to us when we least expect them. Thoughts are one such thing. Stepping down the stairs of a multistory building, I got hit with one such thought; a thought about people I encountered in my so called JOURNEY OF LIFE.

We daily see observe and meet many people but only some leave a lasting impact on us. Sometime we try to learn things from people we don’t even know. Some are those whom we hate for no reason and  some are those we like from the very first site.

Some good, some bad,  some true,  some  liars , some needy,  some greedy,  some makes it,  some fakes it, we want to be with some, and some want to be with us.

These encounters with different people with different  thoughts and different mentality teaches us a lot of things in life. Not only people we talk to, think about, meet or live with makes us learn things but sometimes  unknown , unexpected or as I mentioned strange things happens  which teaches us a lot of lessons.  This could happen in a public transport, in the street, in your place or at any other place.  Strange souls helps us sometimes when we expect someone known for  help.

This journety doesn’t ends here , after these encounters its obvious we start making impressionss of people within us – some lovable  , some hated, some happening , some flaunting, some idiots , some lazy, and some crazy. But despite of meeting lot of people everyday , every new person we meet is different in his own ways with different thoughts and different reactions and so handelling and behaving with every new person is different.

We get experiences which are strange and as I already mentioned , all the strange things happen when we least expect them and this is the strangest truth of life.

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