Monday, 30 July 2012

BEYOND forever

only the words are mine..........
I wish my heart can forget the beats
u the best one with me who fits
but it didn't and i dont know why?
may b its me or my heart that only with u it wanted to fly..
ur memories are what that keeps me alive
without u my heart doesnteven knw how to survive..
u was my life my love my friend..
how much i loved u there is no end
from sweetest dreams to sleepless nights..
u cant imagin to stop my tears how hard i had to fight..
the time v both spent together..
will b my favrate 4ever and ever..
u have left me alone but i wont cry..
also ur memories wont let my hopes die
i'll w8 as long as it takes
till the tym my senses breaks
i promise i'll w8 4 u to cm back to me..some day ..some long as it takes.....

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