Wednesday, 31 May 2017

A pinch of kindness is key!

You know, it is easy to create a life that reflects your values and satisfies your achievements but tough to create one that satisfies your soul. In a society that promotes rapacity to be the symbol of having a good life, a man waking up, going for his job working hard to fulfill his greeds is considered to be living at the maximum. But trust me, a pinch of kindness and a touch of love is all all you need to satisfy your soul.
In this culture that promotes avarice, someone who tries to diverge from the path taken by all, someone who tries to take up an undemanding job and that someone who leaves no opportunity to pursue his interest and passion is considered insane. But you, you, ........... you are not insane. And, if you chose the later one, the world might not support you, but the satisfaction that will emerge from the inside of your soul will be enough, satisfactory enough, to lead a lovely life.
You will be told that a person who abandons to stay home and raise children is considered not to be living aptly, but no, you have to show them that if living alone and not coming back home every night makes you feel alive, you will do it because you don't want to sell your happiness at the cost of their satisfaction.
It is not easy to realise and find out the meaning of your own life, but its allowed because being happy and contended in trouble and confusion is a better than being restless with all the money and a 'perfect life' the society will force on you.
Go ahead and live your life the way you want to.

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Jouska-My favourite emotion!

While the world appreciated the talkitive ones, the silent ones suffered!
Assumptions, you see!
The silent minds might have the deepest of conversations taking place in them and the loudest of minds could be blank enough to speak out shit!
Jouska, ever heard of it? Nothing critical, nor difficult to understand, it can be defined as a hypothetical conversation that one compulsively play out in his/her head, an analysis, a cathartic dialogue which serves as a kind of psychological batting cage where one can connect more deeply with people than in everyday life!  Simple, isn't it? And, you took no time, had no second thoughts before saying, why do you stay so quiet?
Introvert, are you one?
Not every soul has this power of speaking everything that's there in their mind, everything that lies deep within. Some have this ultimate tendency of playing in their head, playing with conversations, with people, with stories, with life, with confusions, with arguments, with emotions. And, they keep on playing with them untill they pass an emotion, solve or win an argument (not in the real life, but there in their own mind), clarify a confusion, commit a secret, finally bringing their mind at peace.
No, stop right there! Stop assuming again of jouska being a wierdness that only some have. Each one, I pardon, each one of us have this exceptionally idiotic yet beautiful tendency of feeling and going through this emotion.
Have you ever though about the statements or points you could have mentioned in an argument that you didn't?
Ever regretted about not saying exactly what you wanted to and thought about it after the heat of the moment was gone?
Congratulations! You have felt this emotion too. While it is a common emotion for some, jouska has been a best friend emotion for those who sit silently having thousands of conversations taking place in their mind. The conversations that never take place and never will! The conversations that will remain just there, piled up in the lockers of their brain. And, heart! And, you will again give no second thought before assuming and asking, why do you stay so quiet?
कुछ इस तरह आज मेरी कलम एक बार फिर चंद खाली पन्नों पे वो सब लिख गई जो बातें मेरी जुबां पर आ न सकी।
फ़िर क्या था, हँसने की खिलखिलाहट भी थी और चीखों का शोर भी पर एक बार फिर, आवाज़ नहीं आई।
My mind wander, my words ponder,
And, hundreds of conversations take place in my mind silently!

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Talk to me!

Today, let yourself wander in the depths of your mind and let your heart do the talking. For once, don't stop it. Just don't. For this time, let it cry out loud, let your tears do the talking. For once, let all that lies there deep within, yes there, in the corner, no a bit more deeper, let it come out.

For now, spill all that's been piling up since long.

Let it flow,
let it grow,
don't be shy,
let it die!

For once and for all, just talk to me. For once and for all, just let me see. For once and for us, let your heart wander, for once and for us, let your heart do the talking!

वो कील चुबते है तब तक, जेबो में रखते है जब तक!
ज़रा बहार निकालकर तोह देखो, दर्द कम न हुआ तो कहना!!!

Wednesday, 3 May 2017


That helplessness when you can't do anyhing about what happened. When nothing in this world can change what happened.

When you realize that the void that has formed can never be filled again, when you can't help but keep thinking about what must have happened, when you just wish to see that person once, just for once, when you just want time to go back, go back to the time when you were living the momemnts you will remember as memories now!

That helplessness is the loss of someone.

May you soul rest in peace!
You were the best boss a student, a fresher can ever have.

Another open letter- To My Hero

My Hero,

Bhaiya! You, yes you were my hero, still are and will always be. You have taught me, inspired me, ignited the zeal of working hard and have instilled in me the faith towards positivity.

With every doubt in my mind, I always had this inner feeling that out of all the people in this world, you'll be able to clear things better. With all my faith in you, I have believed in you when you said, "I want to be a billionaire" saying, "I believe that you will be one, one day". And, I still believe in you, I stand by you during this time and I assure you that you will turn out completely well and perfect soon.

Remember, whenever you couldn't convince yourself that you are brave enough during this phase, we are there with you, going through this with you and will win this over with you.

Don't let my hero loose hopes, just don't. Have faith in the power of love, in the power of togetherness and in the power of positive thinking. Think positive, stay positive and come out of it as a winner (which I know, we know you will).

And, c'mon you know better that life is not same everyday. Not every morning is as sunny and not every every day is perfect. Take a deep breath, smile and fight.
You have to win, to bore us again with those investment-related facebook status (Just kidding).

- Mani