Friday, 7 July 2017

Places like this!

Yes, I am from a generation that prefers night outs, loud music, drenching in the sweat while dancing on those funky fashionable songs. But, I still prefer sitting at a place like this, with a person, talking to him/her, knowing about him/her sipping the freshly brewed coffee, inhaling all the positivity that comes from conversations that take place at places like this. 
I belong to that generation that I won't mind even if I am sitting here with a book, knowing its characters, falling in love with the people in the book, appreciating the words, living a life that the author wanted his/her reader to go through.
Also, if not with a book or a person to talk to, trust me minding here sitting alone will be the last thought that will come up in my head. Appreciating the flavor of the coffee, observing people around and falling in love with my solitude will be my preference because I don't belong to a generation of parties, I belong to a generation of conversations, patience, and solitude.

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