Monday, 30 January 2017

Book Review: Its All About Mahi

Its all about Mahi as its name suggest is all about Mahi. Written as a fan story, this is narrated in a manner that shows that cricket and Dhoni would have bene incomplete about each other if asked from Gaurav (who is the central character of this story). The other side of this story shows a cute I'll love story too. But how Dhoni, cricket and Gaurav's love life mingles with each other is something you'll know if you go through this quick read.

Talking about positives, this was a quick read, so quick that it will not bore you even if you are not a cricket or Dhoni fan. As a debut author, Ankit's writing style and narration have been great. Use of simple language along with an appealing cover and book name will definitely attract readers especially if they are a cricket/Dhoni's fan.

There are always two sides of a story. If one is positive the other will definitely be the negative one. Where Ankit made every effort to keep that Mahi essence alive all through the book, the ending was written in haste. Also, the love story part could have been described more in detail.

With this, I wish Ankit loads of success for his book. Do you know, we all admire and become celebrity fans at one or the other point in our lives but only some have this strength of living and dedicating their life and a book like this to them. Cheers!

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Rating Time:
Book cover and title: 4/5
Plot, language and literature: 2.5/5
Character justification: 2.5/5

Final rating: 3/5

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