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There’s no age to realize your dreams, proves young author.

There is no age to dream, no age to realize what you are made for. You don’t need wonderful marks, no degree, no guidance, all you need to do is listen to your heart’s voice and give expression to it. 

Abhijit Haldar is one of the live examples of the above mentioned phrase.

While children of his age were busy playing, Abhijit’s (age 15) mind was delved into his own thoughts giving birth to a new fantasy world. In an age when most of the kids don’t even know what they want to do in their lives, he was sitting at a corner of his house deeply involved in planning  a story and giving a true form to it. Belonging to a small town of Morigaon, Assam, he comes from a middle class family with his dad being a doctor and mom, a housewife

I recently interviewed him to know more about his journey from a student to an author and here it goes:

1. It is a pleasure to have your presence on my blog. My readers would surely want to have a sneak peak on your background and family. Please tell us something about yourself?

A: Thanks a lot for the opportunity! 

I am from a middle-class family of Assam, my dad being a doctor and mom, a housewife. 

I am currently studying in Indus Academy, Jagiroad, which is almost, a forty minute commute from Morigaon, where I stay. The road in between is back-breaking at parts, giving me aches at times. But that road has provided me with enough plots that I can carry on later. Apart from that, my hobbies include that of photography (the one I can’t ever deny, as it has taught me some profound life lessons), writing poems (yes, I am almost a regular poet), listening songs and watching movies. I also like traveling, but sadly for me, I don’t get the time to devote in it. That’s all about me, I guess.

2. How was the journey from a student to an Author?

A: Hell of a journey it was! I had to juggle between my studies and my passion. I had to keep the balance of the two. And at times, it got really tough for me. It took me three years into the making of the book, with some additional time from there was spent in rewriting the earlier parts, as it was quite juvenile at that time when I wrote it. And also back then I know nothing about the publishing industry, not a tinsy bit. So I had to do some research on that and after some years all the light was on me. I knew that writing the book and sending proposals to publishers, 

But to say, it is really an awesome feeling to be called an author while I am still a student. I have something to be called apart, and I can proudly say that! 

3. When and how did you decide to pen down a novel?

A: Like said before, I began three years before, and all of it happened by chance. Trust me; I don’t have an exact answer for this question. Maybe because I had a story to tell. Maybe because it was my passion. I have a whole bunch of ideas in my head, and this was one of it, one which I got when I was commuting like any day else to my school. The road in between also have some good scenes to be held, if you leave out the irony of the condition … And these scenes gave me the layout for the world of this book that gradually changed into this form. I would also like to say that I have written two more novels (novella to be precise) back then even before I started The Outlander and I changed the second one completely and turned it into my this one, thus the former being the layout almost. 

4. Which genre of book you love to read and prefer to write on?

A: I like to read any genre, but mainly I prefer YA and General Fiction. So if I do, I think I will carry on with these.

5. How did you react when you saw the first copy of your debut book?

A: It was a profound feeling to have the first copy of my book in my hands, one in which I have spent days, months and years of my life. The feeling of continuation comes at the same time, and yes, it feels damn euphoric! 

6. What are your other passions in life?

A: My other passions include traveling and photography, and if any chance, maybe to write and direct a movie …

7. Who was your inspiration?

A: First of all, my inspiration is my parents. I have seen them working so much for us, and that is enough for inspiration. Secondly I would say Steve Jobs; his life taught me to not give up even if you’re kicked out from your own idea! Honestly speaking, I cried while watching Jobs. Then comes my favorite authors, like Paulo Coelho, John Case, Dan Brown, John Grisham, John Green, Veronica Roth, Suzanne Collins, Amish Tripathi, Chetan Bhagat, Homen Borgohain and many more. Also I would like to mention, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, whose books I grew up reading, and provided me enough of the inspiration needed. I was taken back after hearing the grave and sad news of his demise. And also I hoped him to meet personally, a dream that will never come true! 

8. Did you find it difficult to find publisher for your 1st book?

A: Yes, and I was turned down by almost ten publishers and agents. The world started to say me to give up, but I kept on sending proposals anyway. A special mention here, it might not have been easy if my cousin, Rudhir Prakash Sarma didn’t suggest me some names of publishers I can contact. And gratefully, I was accepted by two more and I went with Blackbuck.

9. If you ever get a chance to write your autobiography. Will you write it? If yes what will be its last line?

Of course I will do write if I get a chance. And talking about that last line, it could be, “And for once and all, I lived my life again …”

Interviewed by:
-Mani Khanna

He could have ignored his heart’s calling, but that would have made him an ordinary child of his age. It is his response to his calling that has made him an inspiration for many.

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